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  • The doors that true digital intelligence opens for manufacturers
    Digital transformation strategies may differ from one manufacturer to the next, but many have a common endgame. That is, to become a truly intelligent enterprise, where both operational and experiential data—and the insights that data yields—flow wherever they are needed throughout the business. Also, to the point where all manufacturing functions are integrated and where the entire... more »
  • It’s safe to assume that the majority of consumers have used social media to communicate with a business. And, a 2018 study by GlobalWebIndex found that more than half of social browsers use social media to research new products and services. Thus, social media marketing is a must to compete online today, but window and door companies without a comprehensive strategy may find they aren't... more »
  • While not new, noncompete agreements remain a source of dispute because both the workforce and terms within the agreement are continuously evolving.  Covenant not to compete are most often designed to restrict an employee’s ability to work for a competing business in a relevant geographical area for a period of time after employment ends. Although state law varies, a noncompete... more »
  • Start with a sound strategy
    Once a homeowner upgrades their windows or doors, chances are they won’t need more for a long time, if ever. Since most home improvement projects are a one-time deal, success for window and door contractors depends on having a steady stream of new customers.  Hiring good salespeople is necessary, but that alone is hardly a viable strategy. Sure, a good salesperson can knock on doors,... more »
  • How Masterminds can help businesses grow
    The great Jim Rohn, one of the grandfathers of modern motivational speaking, made the controversial statement that we are the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time. This is our inner circle—one of the most influential forces in our lives. It’s a major component of our success and can be a springboard or a wet blanket.  Our inner circle comprises the people... more »
  • Low labor participation rate requires employers to get creative
      Since Window + Door began covering the post-Recession labor shortage in 2014, a similar theme has been clear throughout: the process of recruiting and retaining employees is constant and ever-changing. Every aspect of the process—from recruitment tactics to branding to labor pools to internal procedures—must adapt to new types of hires and new challenges.  Resources... more »
  • Do customers keep browsing after they visit your website?
    Many industry websites are like shoe stores at the mall. Trust me; it’s not as much of a stretch as one may think. Consider the following scenario: You want to buy a new pair of running shoes. The mall is a good place for shoe shopping because they have several competing shoe stores, so you’ll be able to look around and find exactly the right shoe at the best possible price. ... more »
  • Earlier this summer, I attended the Window & Door Manufacturers Association Technical & Manufacturing Conference in Minneapolis. Regina McMichael, president of the Learning Factory, opened the meetings with her general session, “Making the Safe Choice: Inspiring Your Team to do Great Things.”   McMichael, whose interest in safety commenced in 1986 when her young husband... more »
  • Tips for creating case study content
    SEO and website conversion are fairly complex and multi-faceted, Harshaw wrote in a recent installment of Your Business Matters in Window + Door magazine. The bedrock foundation of both: great content. Of the four types of content he outlined in that article—including core content, blogs, online reviews—he offers the following examples for creating case studies. Videos Everyone knows... more »
  • Organic reach on Facebook—that is, how much of your target audience sees "free" social posts—is now simply dismal. As a percentage, it's hovering in the low single digits, often as low as just 1 percent. That means only a few (often literally only three or four people) see your window and door business posts unless you take some action. And by action, I mean digging into... more »