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  • Five strategies to help maintain your profit
    Editor’s Note: Vince DiCecco will be a moderator and speaker at this year’s Window & Door Dealer Days, held September 12-13 in Atlanta. DiCecco will present a candid introspective on “The TLC Factor—Trustworthiness, Likability and Convenience” and will moderate a breakout discussion on labor, hiring and employment. Click here for more information.  The old... more »
  • Wide-ranging search terms suggest missed business opportunities for bi-fold door sellers
    Door and window manufacturers are failing to capture the full market for bi-fold doors due to the different terms users search for online, new data suggests. An online survey by door and window manufacturer Origin invited 500 members of the UK public to look at a picture of a bi-fold door and describe what they saw. The results showed that just 36 percent used the term ‘bi-fold door.... more »
  • How to get a company sale ready and attract multiple bidders
    A business owner looking to sell their company has two options: an external sale, in which an outside buyer purchases the business; or an internal sale, in which management or family purchase the business. Most contracting companies pursue an internal sale through management buyout or gifting to family. Why? It is difficult for outside buyers to predict consistent profits with the cyclical nature... more »
  • Best practices for independent contractors
    I haven’t worn a tool belt for some time now, yet occasionally I look back on my years as an independent, hands-on window and door replacement contractor. I thoroughly enjoyed the business in many aspects: the independence, the incentive to be productive, the livelihood. The business served me well because I did a lot of things right, but only after doing many things wrong. Here are some... more »
  • Do you know how to manage it?
    If you are like most business leaders, you’ve no doubt noticed some trends in the way employees behave in recent years—too much entitlement, not enough loyalty, no work ethic and so forth. I challenge you to consider that perhaps these are not negative trends, just different ones. To better understand your employees and what drives them to succeed, you have to understand that... more »
  • Trying to beat the competition on price is a risky strategy
    The old joke goes: A store owner procures a popular item for $1 apiece, then turns around and advertises them for $10 a dozen. Trying to understand this bizarre offer, his curious store clerk asks, "How do you expect us to stay in business that way?" The owner replies, "Why, I’ll make it up in volume, of course!" Surprisingly, some businesses practice a similar strategy... more »
  • Five steps that lead to the sale
    The number one false assumption that I’ve seen their peers make about top sales performers is that they have an it thing—some natural-born personality trait or gift that makes them automatic stars who close high-dollar sales easily and with practically no effort. While their performance in front of the client may seem effortless and entirely natural, the truth is that nothing is left... more »
  • Five challenges for business owners in the coming year
    Successful business owners are already thinking about next year. That’s what smart managers and executives do. They look ahead. They plan. They strategize. And they're thinking about what is happening now that will affect their businesses in the future. There are five big challenges business owners should be thinking about in order to successfully navigate their companies through the next... more »
  • Link building is one of the most important facets of search engine optimization for any website, including for window and door manufacturers and dealers. Even wonderfully designed websites—those that are jam-packed with informative content and relevant keywords, lots of images and videos, and wisely chosen headlines, meta descriptions and meta tags—are missing a foundational aspect of... more »
  • Everyone receives marketing emails from companies promoting their products. Sometimes even a competitors’ marketing email can spark a new idea. When executed properly, email marketing is a powerful, yet relatively inexpensive, tool. However, if a company is lackluster about its e-marketing efforts, there are pitfalls that can have severe consequences on business communications. E-marketing... more »