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  • A supplier of synthetic trim and moulding products overviews basic styles
    On the “what’s in and what’s out” list for homeowners, naked window exteriors are definitely “out,” according to Fypon, the manufacturer of synthetic millwork and trim products. Easy-to-install decorative accents like mouldings, window crossheads and shutters are now on the “in” list.   Installing crossheads and other window surround... more »
  • Window Styles Door Styles Specialty Window Shapes Material Choices Safety and Security Energy Efficiency Finding a Quality Product Maintenance, Repair and Replacement Industry-Related Organizations  Created by the publishers of Window & Door Magazine, our site is primarily designed to serve manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and others within the window and door... more »
  • An introduction to basic door operating types
    Hinged Doors-A variety of hinged door models are available in in-swing and out-swing configurations. Hinged doors are offered as single panels (typical in entry applications) or in multi-panel configurations (typical in patio door applications). French doors consist of a pair of operable panels hinged on opposite sides that open in the middle. Hinged doors are also commonly supplied in... more »
  • Window and door technology has made great strides over the past three decades. Glazing options like low-emissivity glass have increased energy efficiency. Numerous sources on the web provide detailed information on products and can provide recommendations for various applications, whether your house faces the cold winter months of Minnesota, the hot sun of Arizona or somewhere in between.... more »
  • There is no one "best" window or door. Much depends upon the performance demands, individual taste, and budget. One way to determine whether a window or door is a quality product, however, is to see if it is "certified." Certified products are all measured against a single performance standard, with ratings achieved for various criteria. These criteria may include structural... more »
  • Aluminum Extruders CouncilOrganization representing aluminum extruders, including manufacturers of aluminum windows and their suppliers.  847/526-2010 | American Architectural Manufacturers AssociationTrade association of manufacturers and suppliers of residential, commercial, and architectural windows, doors, skylights, and other fenestration products. AAMA is involved in... more »
  • Like most things on the inside and outside of your home, windows and doors do require maintenance. These products may also require repair or replacement over the lifetime of the home. No products have an indefinite lifespan. Maintenance Like most things on the inside and outside of your home, windows and doors do require maintenance. Most manufacturers provide care and cleaning instructions with... more »
  • micomposite.jpg
    Window and Door Framing The most common framing materials used for windows and patio doors are wood, vinyl, and aluminum. More recent introductions to the market include fiberglass and a number of composites. Manufacturers also combine materials commonly, producing vinyl- or aluminum-clad wood products, wood-clad vinyl products and other combinations to meet a variety of demands for... more »
  • A number of safety and security issues need to be considered with regards to windows and doors. Safety Glazing While ordinary glass can break and present a safety hazard, the industry and government have worked together to significantly reduce any potential danger. For example, safety glazing is required by law in many applications. In the home, such requirements cover any glass in doors, as well... more »
  • hrlegs.jpg
    Photos and drawings detailing common window shapes
    Bell-Top Ellipse Eyebrow Eyebrow with Extended Legs—Also referred to as a segment head. Gothic—Also referred to as a cathedral window Gothic with Extended Legs Photo courtesy of Hurd Windows & Doors Half Eyebrow with Extended Legs—Left and right Half-Round—Also commonly called an arch-top, circle-head, circle-top, radius-top or round-top. Half-Round with... more »