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Large Manufacturer

Jeld-Wen's Web site
Jeld-Wen's home page now spotlights links to microsites developed to promote individual initiatives.

Jeld-Wen Inc.

Klamath Falls, Ore.

A winner of the Crystal Achievement Award in the same category last year, has been recognized again this year as it continues to expand. The goal of this site is to provide complete product information and design ideas for the company's diverse, worldwide audience. The Web site also helps reinforce the company's brand promise of "Reliability for Real Life" by highlighting product innovations, educational materials, community-based initiatives, contests and high-profile media coverage.

When a marketing campaign or product innovation warrants special attention online, the site is flexible enough to accommodate "microsites," or smaller, related Web sites that link from the home page of Several examples of microsites that have been very successful are:

  • Lighthouse Restoration Initiative,
  • Student Door Design Contest,
  • Scariest Utility Bill Contest, www.jeld-wen./scarybill
  • Energy Efficiency Page, www.jeld-wen./energyefficiency
  • Environmental Stewardship Page,
  • Golf Involvement,
  • Coastal Section,

In addition to seasonal microsites, the site now features one of the most robust online newsrooms in the industry. The section allows members of the media, who do almost all of their research online, to "shop" for news releases, photos and digital assets and request items of specific interest to them. Interviews also can be requested through the online newsroom.

A new feature of the Web site is the Architectural Toolbox, which provides details architects need to know about Jeld-Wen's products. Users can search by product style or collection. For example, if an architect is looking for information on awning windows, in one simple click they can view information on materials available, CAD drawings, available collections, distribution information and 3D drawings. With a target audience that includes homeowners, builders, architects, remodelers, product specifiers and media, the Web site receives approximately 280,000 visits per month.


Small/Medium Manufacturer

Window City's Web site
Virtual hosts guide homeowners through the Window City Web site.

Window City

Vaughan, Ont., Canada

Launched in February along with a television and radio campaign designed to build the Window City brand in the province of Ontario, the company's new Web site is also designed to help lay the foundation to expand a dealer network throughout North America When looking to expand its distribution network, company officials felt that service and support are as important as the product or pricing. Their desire was to provide the support to its customers as if they were right next door and give them instant access to answers to the commonly asked questions most homeowners have. The best way to do that is answer the question before it is asked. Consumers today typically surf through several sites reading various text and data concerning features and performance statistics and inevitably end up with even more questions regarding their windows and doors.

Window City's site allows the consumer to sit back and within 15 minutes see exactly how its products are made from raw material to finished product. Then they can review the different styles and options available in the product video and finish with the most important energy efficiency features detailed in its Solar Solutions video, which highlights its high-performance glazing options-all made with Super Spacer.

The whole concept was to have the consumer leave with a positive experience and have a complete understanding of the products. The educational segments on the site will also allow a Window City Premier Dealer to up-sell the options because the consumer has a complete understanding of what it is and how it works. The site essentially provides dealers with additional salespeople who are in the homes every night answering questions and educating the consumer on the manufacturer's features and benefits.

Virtual hosts add to the experience. Unlike a typical flash entrance, the Window City hosts are there when needed and give a personal touch to the site. The popularity of the home improvement and DIY television shows speaks volumes to the fact that consumers have a desire to see exactly how it is done. With a host setting the stage and directing the consumer to various segments of the site, the manufacturer was able to highlight the essentials and reinforce the strongest elements of its products and manufacturing capabilities.



Veka & Wayne-Dalton's Web site
The site effectively uses video animation to demonstration the alternative storm protection system.

Veka Inc.

Fombell, Pa.

Wayne-Dalton Corp.

Mount Hope, Ohio

Combining technology from Veka in window and door design, PVC extrusion and European roller shutters and technology from Wayne-Dalton in garage doors, controls and automation, the Window Integrated Storm Protection System offers an alternative to impact glass that offers high performance at a competitive price.

Veka developed a special Web site to show customers how this unique new product works and highlight its benefits. Featuring a detailed flash header on the main page, the site features animation showing a storm approaching a home, the system's Fabric Shield protective material shade being remotely deployed by a button controller, and then storm passing and the shade opening up again.

The site also includes an animated flash menu, pictures and information about the unit, and a media section that shows testing videos of the unit in action. It emphasizes the product's ability to protect homes from wind and rain damage in a whole new visually appealing way.


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