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Sierra Pacific's 2008 Product Brochure and Consumer Catalog
Sierra's literature is designed to appeal to all levels of consumers, with photos used extensively to highlight features and options.

2008 Product Brochure
and Consumer Catalog

Sierra Pacific Windows

Red Bluff, Calif.

The 2008 Sierra Pacific Windows Product Brochure and Consumer Catalog are complementary pieces of literature designed for the company's target audiences: homeowners, designers, builders and architects.

The 326-page product brochure addresses Sierra Pacific Windows as an integral part of the larger entity, Sierra Pacific Industries, and explains the strength garnered from that symbiotic relationship. The brochure opens with the company story and explains how the ownership of sustainably grown forestland leads Sierra Pacific naturally to a strong environmental commitment, so vital to today's "green building" effort.

The next sections address the elements common to the company's window and door products, including testing and performance, glazing options, divided lite options and exterior clad color options.

The individual product sections follow next. The template for each product section includes an opening with descriptive verbiage and photo collages, followed by product features, options and accessories, elevational drawings and sectional details. The final sections encompass technical information including thermal performance data, product performance data, sound attenuation and structural information and warranty.

The 2008 Product Brochure is designed with information that will appeal to each level of customer: photo intensive and heavy with product features for the homeowner or designer and full of details, as well as technical information, for the builders and architects.

The 2008 Consumer Catalog companion piece is designed to pique the interest of potential customers. At 30 pages, it is much more compact than the Product Brochure and lends itself to mailings, home show handouts and showroom literature. Photo intensive without the technical detail of the larger product brochure, the literature specifically targets the end customer.

Together, these publications address the company's target audiences and successfully illustrate not only the strength of the Sierra Pacifica Windows, but also the depth of its product line.


Small/Medium Manufacturer

Lincoln's Literature Redesign
A sampling of the new more stylish literature introduced by Lincoln Wood Products.

Literature Redesign

Lincoln Wood Products Inc.

Merrill, Wis.

Trading in the conservative feel of the past, Lincoln has chosen a more stylized and colorful approach to its literature and displays. The new look is truly about changing perceptions and evolving the brand into a modern and sophisticated entity. The fresh methodology encompassing the literature is a reflection of the achievements in product innovation and represents the new attitude of the company as a whole.

Since the target audience requirements can vary so much from homeowner to builder to architect, design and content must flow together to accommodate their individual demographic needs. The layout is about simplicity and utilizing the space in an efficient manner. Time-proven design basics, such as using white space, are the foundation of the new look. Technical information is incorporated and written in such a way as not to patronize less informed consumers while still maintaining a level of specification building professionals demand.

The new distinct style is being incorporated into every piece of Lincoln literature to create a cohesive brand identity.

Key elements of the design are extremely recognizable and make the literature stand out when placed among other literature within the industry.

More than 61 years after its founding, the newly established marketing direction is just one part of an image revitalization program to reintroduce Lincolnn to its dealers and the building industry.

The Roll-A-Cover allows an outdoor patio area, including swimming pools and hot tubs, to be enjoyed fully when the weather is fine, and provides an effective enclosure product so that the space can be enjoyed year round.


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