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Sierra Pacific's 2008 Product Brochure and Consumer Catalog
Rather than trying to show all its products in one piece of literature, Harvey created individual pieces to better meet the need of its customers that preferred to focus on certain products.

Product Literature System

Harvey Building Products

Waltham, Mass.

One of Harvey’s initiatives this year was to revamp its manufacturing product literature system. For the past eight years, Harvey’s product literature consisted of a 45-page brochure listing all of its manufactured window and door product lines. Although the presentation of all product lines in one brochure promoted cross-selling, it was not conducive to building professionals who preferred to sell certain products to the homeowner. When products were modified or added to Harvey’s mix, it also made the entire brochure obsolete.

The new literature system takes care of several of the aforementioned issues. Instead of one brochure consisting of a compilation of all of the products, the company has created individual brochures for each of its numerous product lines. To package the individual pieces, officials created a durable pocket brochure. This brochure speaks to both the professional and the homeowner as it mentions Harvey's quality products, field service department, showroom locations as well as the company’s dedication to contractors and remodelers.

Judge's Comment:

“The new product literature is easy to use and presents the products clearly. It’s a smart use of resources.”

Aside from creating a new system for displaying the product mix, the company also incorporated its new name, logo and brand identity into the new brochures. The separate brochures for each manufactured product line allow for customization of the product offering, and individual brochures decrease amount of waste compared to the comprehensive 45-page catalog of the past. The pieces include additional information on options for greater up-selling capabilities. The literature features more up-to-date content and photography targeting both key audiences—homeowners and professionals.

The pieces are organized in a premium stock pocket folder with extended pocket for aesthetic appeal and added durability. The folder includes an area for professionals’ or Harvey sales representatives’ business cards. There is a blank area on the back of all brochures to allow professionals to imprint their own contact information. 

Small/Medium Manufacturer

Softlite's Elements Literature
The family of literature for Soft-Lite's Elements high-performance line.

Family of Literature

Soft-Lite LLC

Streetsboro, Ohio

Soft-Lite manufactures seven different window lines—four for the dealer market and three for the distributor market. For each of these window lines, the company provides a complete family of literature. Within each family of literature is a feature brochure and coordinating smaller trifolds, sell cards and sell sheets. The company also includes a media kit CD and browser sheets that provide all the photography and logos necessary for the dealers/distributors to advertise their window/door products in print and on their Web sites. Each family of literature also comes with a customized, bound price book which presents pricing that is specific to each individual retailer’s window/ door program. These price books are printed in-house and on-demand as each dealer/distributor needs them.

Each family of literature is designed to provide complete information on its specific product line. The pieces escalate in aesthetic appeal as its represented window-line steps up to the next level in performance, options, and price. Soft-Lite’s distributors carry the Imperial Pro, Imperial Classic, and the Barrington Limited product lines. The manufacturer provides a complete family of literature to them, as well as customized postcards, invoice stuffers and ads to help them advertize to their broad range of customers.

The company operates in-house printing and finishing equipment to produce on-demand, customized price books for each of its dealers and distributors. The price book covers match their correlating family of literature. The books can be printed in quantities as few as one or as many as needed by the retailer. The pricing inside the book is specific to the retailer’s own window program.



Lincoln's Literature Redesign
Truth brought together a 24-page printed book that provides an overview of its product line, with an electroni catalog that provides the technical details necessary to its customers

Interactive Literature

Truth Hardware

Owatonna, Minn.

Challenged with the need to develop a new piece of collateral that condenses the company’s approximately 600 pages of technical catalog information into an interesting and informative promotional catalog, Truth Hardware went to work creating a unique new piece. The result was an attractive 24-page printed booklet, as well as a dynamic new electronic piece that helped rejuvenate the company’s Web site. This unique promotional catalog provides an overview of the products Truth offers and the markets it serves.

By consolidating the previous technical product down to one that is more features/benefits driven, the company created a tool that allows the user to see, in one view, the range of products the supplier offers. Customers can visually compare and select products that interest them in a much more user-friendly manner. The addition of the electronic version of the company’s promotional catalog has helped drive more people to its Web site, the company reports, and allows them to not only research products much more efficiently, but it also exposes them to features such as green initiatives, new product releases and links to technical support teams. The online version of the promotional catalog features special links to technical data and drawings.

Truth representatives realized that, while the new collateral piece provided an excellent overview of the products and helped customers and prospective clients see the entire product offering at-a-glance, there still was a need to bridge to the technical detail for which Truth’s catalogs had been so well-known for. To accomplish this, the company created an electronic version of the promotional booklet and built in hyperlinks (located in the product names as well as in the tables) to take the user back to the corresponding area of the technical catalog. It should be noted that Truth kept the original technical catalog live on its Web site to allow engineers and others that are familiar with the product offering to go directly to that area without having to go through the new collateral portal.

In earlier printed materials, Truth chose to try and show every model and provide detailed information about all of their products individually. Because many of the supplier’s products are variations of a specific platform in a product line, much of the information was duplicated from one section to another. For example, in the case of the operator section that previously included about 20 separate sections devoted to that product offering, the company narrowed it down to highlighting the four main product families (with attractive new photos and descriptive commentary) and developed a table with a selection key that helps users readily see the various options.

The catalog not only showcases specific product categories Truth serves such as operators, hinges, locks for both hinged and sliding windows, but it also promotes how these items are part of a “system” that, when used together, can provide enhanced performance for the window manufacturer and their customers. Additionally, these collateral pieces showcase Truth’s line-up of patio door hardware and gives stronger attention to hardware for the commercial window industry. Special “tip-outs” in the printed piece proved to be a unique way for Truth to highlight product options or complimentary hardware. The “tip-outs” are animated (flashing button at top of page) in the electronic version, allowing Truth to make the most use out of the printed or electronic space. Users of the electronic version have commented on enjoying the various page turning options (drag and flip, or using the directional arrows) as well as the ability to easily adjust the image size for enhanced viewing.

Lastly, the company devoted special sections to decorative and painted color options as well as its commitment to the environment.


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