Crystal Achievement Awards: Nomination Tips

February 8, 2019

Window & Door's annual Crystal Achievement Awards recognize residential window and door manufacturers and component suppliers for their contributions to the industry.

Here, you will find tips on submitting a noticeable nomination. You may access the nomination form here. For general information on the awards and different categories, click here. For FAQs about the Crystal Achievement Awards, click here.

Nominations for the 2019 program are open until Friday, June 14.

It is extremely important to be specific and thorough in your nomination. Provide as many pictures, videos, testimonials and other supporting materials as you can. While judges review entries against specific criteria, an entry is only as good as its nomination. Here are some top tips for submitting a nomination:

  • Fill out all fields of the form even if they are not required.
  • Video is powerful. Provide links to videos posted online or create videos and post them to YouTube.
  • Be creative with images. Go beyond straight product shots and show products being used or installed.
  • Describe your entry with specific focus on the unique or innovative elements. Don’t just copy product specs into the nomination form.
  • Avoid using marketing language and don’t waste words to describe a product as “the best” or “truly unique” or “most advanced/innovative.” Instead, explain what about the product is unique, or what specifically makes it the best or most advanced.
  • Try to be concise, but thorough. You don’t have to use all of the words you are allotted for your entry.
  • Gather all of your materials and write out your descriptions before you fill out your nomination form. Get feedback from your colleagues.

Good luck!