Fensterbau/Frontale 2012 Product Showcase


Welcome to Window & Door's ongoing coverage of the 2012 Fensterbau/Frontale trade fair. This page provides a look at some of the window and door components and equipment  showcased at the international event, held in Nuremberg, Germany at the end of march.

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Focusing on future-oriented machines at Fensterbau, Bystronic highlighted its sash’line production line for PVC windows that eliminates the need for separate IG production. Up to 800 units per shift can be directly glazed without any preliminary processes and integrated glass units can be filled with inert gas. 

www.bystronic-glass.com  | 720/858-7700




PVC racking and storage systems from Hegla Kretzschau feature automated designs and modular construction that can optimize production facility space and provide cost savings. The company is displaying automatic, compact and long-bar storage systems that can accommodate several in- and out-feed stations, according to customer specifications. 

Other products displayed include a comprehensive range of carefully designed delivery racks and trolleys, manufactured with uncompromising quality at a competitive price, the supplier states.  Additionally, Hegla presented new product developments with its vacuum lifting technology, developed specifically for handling windows and associated window elements with carefully designed and customized overhead crane systems. Vacuum lifting devices for standard double, triple and oversize insulating glass units are also available, it is noted.

www.hegla.de | 0049 34425 5010




In Germany, 30 percent of plastic windows are now film-coated, while in neighboring countries, the percentage is sometimes greater, according to Hornschuch.  Market penetration continues to grow in windows, with doors and building products also using film products increasingly, it reports. The supplier of skai films showcased two new colors in its Metbrush films, designed to offer the look of brushed metal.  The new colors–chocolate and mocha–supplement is line of classic metal colors.



Also new is Sheffield Oak, featuring unique accents adn diverse color variation to provide a more natural and lifelike profile.  Stylo embossing, developed in conjunction with the pattern, features a multilevel pore structure and fine drawn grain to enhhance the oak design.  The same Stylo embossing method is offered on solid colors to give the look of a painted wood window.



Also new is the Matte line of finishes, designed to offer the look of powder-coated aluminum.  Also manufactured using a special embossing process, the line includes 11 colors. All the company's films use its cool colors technology, designed to reduce heating of profiles in the sun, with pigments said to reflect up to 80 percent of infrared solar radiation. 

www.hornschuch.de | 800/336-9882





The Siegenia-Aubi Group, the European hardware manufacturer represented in North America by Interlock, featured several new products at Fensterbau, including the a new Comfort Gear for the HS Portal lift and slide system. As the sash is lowered into the locking position, the integrated tension spring spring is compressed by the sash’s own weight, which reduces the force needed to lift the sash into the slide position and makes it easier to move. In addition, the new spring design reduces uncontrolled recoil of the handle when the sash is lowered. Height-adjustable roller wheels are also now available for the HS Portal 300. The door can be easily adjusted +3 mm after the panel is installed, enabling the system to overcome installation challenges.

The Titan AF-X stainless steel tilt and turn system for both single- and double-sash windows combine superior aesthetics and maximum corrosion resistance, the supplier notes. An eco-friendly solution, the hardware not only offers a long service life, but it is produced without any additional chemical or galvanization treatments.

Also introduced was the KFV Genius mechatronic locking and unlocking system for multipoint swing door applications. Featuring a motor that is both faster and quieter, the electronic hardware offers homeowners the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Installation dimensions, accessories and connections are identical to previous versions, so that both the assembly and the logistical aspects remain unchanged.

www.interlockna.com | 877/852-8808 




The supplier of the Proliner 2D and 3D measuring devices now offers the Prodim Door & Window Solution. First, the user measures the door or window opening on site and saves it digitally. Then, the measurements are converted in the office into the program for CNC machines or automatically interfaced to an ERP or CAM system. Measurement report, shop forms and barcode stickers can be created with the system to organize the logistic process.  Working in the factory, rather than the jobsite, enables  doors to be machined in optimal conditions with the right tools automatically.

In addition, Prodim also introduced the Window Position Tool.  The special clamp enables the Proliner to be positioned in the middle of the window frame to get an optimal measurement result.





A full portfolio of warm-edge technologies was featured by Quanex Building Products in Germany.  Last summer, Edgetech Europe celebrated the official grand opening of a 47,000-square-foot Heinsberg, Germany, manufacturing plant to keep up with increasing demand for window components that promote energy efficiency and sustainability in the global marketplace. Now under the Quanex Building Products umbrella, Edgetech continues its dedication to global expansion and product excellence in more than 80 countries. To be featured at the event are Super Spacer, a warm-edge product providing condensation resistance, durabilty and energy performance backed by more than 20 years of field performance; and Super Spacer TriSeal, specifically designed for architectural and captured-glazed IG, with an inner acrylic adhesive seal for immediate unit handling and a polyisobutylene primary seal for enhanced gas retention and low moisture vapor transmission. For use in single-seal or dual-seal applications, Duralite and Duraseal, which use composite laminating technology that incorporates preassembled components, sealant, spacer and desiccant to create a high-performance, durable warm edge spacer system, will also be showcased.

www.quanex.com | 713/961-4600




The Renolit Exofol Metallic Range of laminates features 15 different colors developed to enable vinyl products to satisfy continued demand for metallic tones in architecture. The range includes five silvers, an elegant blue, and a light brown shade that can match sandstone façades. Other options include a bright red and dark green. With the new colors, the company consciously set out to create an alternative to conventional solid colors or woodgrains, it notes. Designed to align with current trends in international architecture, the metallic colors are harmonious, unobtrusive but still new, the supplier explains.

www.renolit.com | 616/554-2230




The universal NT tilt and turn hardware product range is being expanded substantially, with new introductions to include the lever-operated espagnolette Plus, which allows a 170° opening angle. Also new is the NT Designo hinge side for aluminum profiles that accommodates sash weighing up to 150 kg (about 330 pounds). It features a positive-fit and friction-fit, easy-to-install clamp on the frame side.

Part of an expanded portfolio of door hardwarem the DoorSafe 600 multipoint locking system uses just two connecting parts to accommodate different door heights of up to 3 meters (about 10 feet).

The mechanically-lowerable Texel floor door gasket provides for more favorable isotherm curves, the supplier notes.  It allows a wide variety of applications, while at the same time reducing the number of components.

Also new for doors is the two-part 117 H surface-mounted hinge.  It is designed for outward-opening PVC doors made
from block profiles weighing up to 160 kg.

www.rotohardware.com | 800/243-0893




The SMH 510 with HTS four-point vinyl welder is said to offer cycle times up to 40 percent less than traditional welders. The unit welding at a higher temperatures, which greatly reduces weld time without affecting product quality, the supplier explains. In addition, dynamic servo drives coordinate the whole welding process, including all melting and compressing motions via CNC, to speed the process further while providing greater precision. The machine is designed to allow easy and precise electronic and profile related setting of all essential welding parameters.



The EKA 577 two-head cleaning machine makes it possible to produce up to 400 PVC frames or PVC sash within an 8 hour shift, the supplier reports.  The 12 NC-axes machine was designed for the automatic cleaning of profiles with welded transoms (common in Europe), major size elements and/or profiles coming from two four-head welding machines. Modular construction enables the unit to be built to accommodate additional processing, such as the drilling of corner hinge bores on sash and corner and rebate stay hinge bores through steel on frames.




The GZS 399 glazing bead center is designed for the efficient and automated cutting of glazing beads. A magazine feed attachment is loaded with up to 20 x 2 glazing beads, depending on the version, with a Windows PC control directing the operation.  Glazing bead pairs are positioned for cutting over the precise servo axis. Inside the saw unit, glazing beads are optimally tensioned horizontally and clamped, then cut automatically according to the cutting list. The glazing beads are deposited automatically on the removal table, and can be labeled with an ink-jet printer and sorted for matching with the appropriate sash unit.

The KFB 353 / KFB 354 enables profile processing on three sides in one clamping. Through simple movement of the profile support table via linear guidings and manual turning of the clamped profile bar, the machine is able to mill profile cylinders, handle holes, and lock cases for the mutlipoint locks, as well as hinges with low retrofitting work.

www.rotox.com | 330/926-9660




After working for three years with a supplier of automotive paint applications, the supplier of vinyl window and door system is launchlng Schüco AutomotiveFinish, enabling the company to provide its profiles in popular metallic colors.  Providing shades similar to those provided on aluminum with powder coating, the finish technology offers excellent resistance to abrasion, weathering and chemicals, according to the supplier. In addition to the color layer, the finish also uses a special protective coating. This determines the surface finish parameters and can also be textured on the room side, on request, the supplier notes.





The parent company of Ohio-based Stürtz Machinery, Stürtz Maschinenbau featured several European-style automated cutting and fabrication center and standalone fabrication stations at Fensterbau.  Among the technologies to be displayed is a new laser marking system to permanently identify window parts without using a stick-on label.

Also being shown was a vertical four point welder featuring an automatic fixture change system will be shown in a a single-line configuration with automated unload and an inline single-point CNC corner cleaner with automatic rotation and integral dewinging.

www.sturtz.com | 888/256-2599




The CDi chain motor for controlled operation of vented windows offers invisible integration withouth annoying fittings and drive components and without negative impacts on a window's physical properties, according to the supplier.  From STG-Beikirchthe unit can be used in tandem with its RM mini locking motors.  The system can be adapted to profile systems from various manufacturers, the company reports.




The SV 840 two-head CNC corner cleaning was featured by Urban at Fensterabu. Both processing heads of the unit can work at the same time, even when processing minimum measurements, resulting in a consistent, fast cycle time. Thanks to the innovative design, processing tools move around the window element and the unit no long needs to get turned or  handle any unnecessary stress. Consequently, very small profiles can easily get handled too, the supplier points out. An open design reduces the maintenance intervals of the machine considerably and increases the operator friendliness as it allows an easy access to all machine areas. The corner cleaner also requires a small footprint for a unit offering such high output.

www.u-r-b-a-n.com | 888/419-0076





The activPilot range of window hardware is now available with a motor drive to provide automated ventilation, improving air quality while also meeting a variety of other requirements.  From Winkhaus, the system features a backlit touch panel with self-explanatory button icons that make the window easy to operate. The panel can activate ventilation at pre-set intervals or release the window, so that it can be turned to open manually, the supplier reports. The automatic parallel-action position may also be conveniently operated using a remote control, air quality sensors or integrated into a building management system. 



More information on the event, including a database of exhibitors and products on display, is available at www.ask-frontale.de.