Most Innovative Component

  Eliminating the need to field fabricate aluminum coil for trimming windows, the two-piece vinyl system is designed for quick installation.

2011 Crystal Achievement

Award Winners



Double Snap Vinyl Trim


Royal Window & Door Profiles

Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

The trim offers an upgraded appearance in replacement window applications, while also reducing maintenance requirements.  

Double Snap Vinyl Trim Systems are single-wall, vinyl extrusions that replace field fabricated aluminum trim coil to dramatically enhance the appearance of window and door openings. For contractors, the vinyl trim is easy to install, and homeowners find the product attractive and long-lasting.

The product not only eliminates the need to field fabricate aluminum trim coil, it incorporates a unique double-snap design that is attached to the wall by means of two locking sides. This eliminates visible nails, screws or other fasteners. The attractive Colonial design complements the window or door opening with the long-lasting vinyl material, eliminating annual maintenance and means no rusting aluminum or flaking/peeling wood to paint.

The Standard Colonial System is used on houses with siding, while a Universal Stand Alone System can be used on houses with any type cladding, including siding, brick, stone, and metal. The trim can be used in both repair/remodel or new construction jobs, with Installation said to be quick and easy, saving time for the contractor. The trim is offered standard in white, with special order colors available to match the colors of the windows or doors.






Sentry Multi-Point Hinged Patio Door Hardware System


Truth Hardware

Owatonna, Minn.

Developed specifically for the North American market, the Sentry Multi-Point Hinged Patio Door Hardware System combines innovative features with the superior quality, reliability, and performance. From intuitive functionality like the 90° thumbturn located above the handle, to high performance adjustable hinges and multiple attractive handle designs, the totally integrated hardware system adapts easily to current door profiles and helps manufacturers create a patio door offering that is truly better from every perspective.

Possibly the most unique feature of the hardware is Truth’s Duo-Glide lock mechanism, said to be superior to standard single drive systems that work both with and against gravity creating an imbalance in operation from locking to unlocking. Engineered with dual direction technology whereby the upper and lower drive bars operate in opposite directions, the Duo-Glide locking system works in balance, resulting in a smoother, quieter and easier operation. The system also incorporates tension versus compression locking technology which results in less stress on the components and ultimately helps improve the life cycle of the hardware.

Another unique feature that differentiates the Sentry Locking System from earlier European-style models is the independent deadbolt sometimes called the “babysitter feature.” Earlier versions of multipoint locks required the entire system to be engaged in order to lock the deadbolt, which was often considered a nuisance by homeowners and a security issue if the remote lock points could not be engaged due to interference. The independent deadbolt enables homeowners and their visitors to feel secure by simply throwing the deadbolt without having to first engage the remote locking points. Also, with the 90° thumbturn located above the handle versus the European systems where the thumbturn is located below the handle, this component is much more accessible than those tucked underneath the handle.

Adjustable hinges help address installation and field service concerns.  

The new hardware's design also provides the opportunity to streamline manufacturing. Center latches that can be reversed after the hardware is installed in the door and self-positioning anti-slam devices help make door hardware non-handed for versatility in installation and reductions in inventory. Keeping daily wear and tear in mind, Truth has designed these features with composite materials to provide smooth operation and prevent scratching of decorative strike plates.

To help complete the patio door package, the hardware addresses concerns with installation and field service issues relative to the alignment of the door with its Sentry Adjustable Hinges. Robust and reliable, the hinges provide for both horizontal and vertical adjustment of the door and come equipped with easy to follow, intuitive indicators to help make field adjustments simple. The line provides for a wide variety of both stylish and secure handle design options. From traditional to contemporary, these handles come in a wide variety of finishes that match those of the hinges to help complete the family appearance of this product.



Glass/Glazing Component

The view from a bay window when it is not in direct sun, above. The film darkens when the window is in direct sunlight, below.

Pleotint SRT Film


Pleotint LLC.

Olive, Mich.

When laminated between two panes of glass, Pleotint SRT film allows a window system to constantly adapt to the dynamic environmental conditions that a building encounters. Windows that incorporate the film help to maximize diffuse daylight and minimize solar heat gain, resulting in reduced energy consumption. The amount of sunlight incident on the window determines its visible light transmission. In the absence of direct sunlight, these windows are lightly tinted to maximize diffuse daylight. As the sunlight becomes more direct, the transmission level of these windows decreases in a continuous manner, reducing undesired glare and minimizing solar heat gain.

The film minimizes solar heat gain and maximizes diffuse daylight by adjusting their visible light transmission in response to the intensity of sunlight without wiring, control systems or sensors, thus automatically reducing energy consumption. An independent study of Pleotint SRT glazing, showed a 16 percent to 40 percent reduction in energy use and in the case of new construction, initial chiller costs could be reduced by 9 percent to 22 percent.

The film can be used as a direct replacement for PVB film in laminated glass, allowing glass fabricators to produce dynamic windows locally, utilizing existing equipment. Currently windows with widths of up to 62 inches and lengths of 10 feet or more can be manufactured, representing the largest chromogenic windows available. The film can be paired with a wide range of tinted and coated glass, maximizing both aesthetic and performance options for building owners and architects.

Windows constructed with Pleotint SRT film install just like conventional windows; electrical contractors are not required. The film also eliminates the need for exterior sun shades and reduces the need for interior window treatments. With this technology, window tinting occurs in a continuous manner, unlike some other technologies that only offer simple “on” or “off” states.


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