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ODL solar entry light
The sellf-contained light unit illuminates all types of entryways to provide enhanced security, as well as added convenience to homeowners.

Solar Entry Light

ODL Inc.

Zeeland, Mich.

According to The National Neighborhood Watch Program, home entryways should be illuminated with a least a 40-watt bulb to maintain safety and security. A cost-effective solution for illuminating residential entryways, the ODL Solar Entry Light provides increased security at night with its four super bright LEDs.

The light will illuminate all entryways—front doors, back doors, side doors, apartment doors—safeguarding them from intruders and also providing a well-lit entranceway from the street or other public areas. The light allows consumers to see the keyhole, the ground and the steps leading to the door. Powered by a solar panel located on the entry light, consumers will enjoy up to 12 hours of continuous light, depending upon the amount of direct sunlight exposure to the solar panel. If the entryway does not receive enough sunlight to power the solar panel, 15 feet of wire is included with the solar entry light to allow for relocation of the solar panel.

With an MSRP of only $39, the light is an excellent alternative to standard outdoor lighting, as it uses free energy to light entryways throughout the night. The unit can be installed in minutes and is completely self-contained, requiring no hard wiring. Both cost effect and energy efficient, the light can also improve a home’s curb appeal by illuminating a decorative front door.


Pollentec screen
A combination of spun polyester and special coating attracts pollen spores like a magnet and traps them into the fine fibrous grid of the material to keep them from entering the home.

Pollentec Screens

Screens Inc.

Phoenix, Ariz.


Up to now, the only way to prevent allergy attacks in the home was to close up the windows and doors tight and stay inside in the air conditioning. But PollenTec screens allows people to open windows and doors as they keep pollen out while still letting the breeze in. The PollenTec Screen was introduced in 2007 and is now available in North America. Its unique construction allows fresh air to flow into rooms while filtering out up to 100 percent of pollens.

Testing was conducted by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). The tests results verified that 100 percent of grass pollens, 99.71 percent of birch pollen, 93.1 percent of stinging nettle pollen, 90.9 percent of ragweed pollen were captured by the PollenTec screen, according to the supplier.

The PollenTec screens look very similar to normal screens but are designed with a unique filtering effect. It is made of 100 percent polyester that is precisely spun then put through a coating process. The combination of the spun polyester and coating attracts pollen spores like a magnet and traps them into the fine fibrous grid of the material. Visibility and air flow loss compared to a regular screen material is approximately 20 percent less. The PollenTec screen can be used in most applications, including hinged or sliding patio door screens, manual or motorized retractable screens, and hinged and removable window screens. Screens and mesh are available for purchase to window and door manufacturers and dealers, rescreening companies and direct to consumers. The cost of screening and frame for a normal size window averages about $65.


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