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Jeld-Wen's Custom Carved Interior Doors
The interior line provides an affordable new way to bring a signature look to any room in a home.

Custom Carved Interior Doors


Klamath Falls, Ore.

Jeld-Wen Custom Carved interior doors provide a simple and affordable way for builders and homeowners to add their own creative, personalized touches to any home or building. New technology available for the Custom Carved line includes the ability to replicate historic doors with raised panels and fine detailing. Owners of older homes who would like to update their doors, while keeping with the home's historic look and feel, can now do so easily and affordably.

The doors are manufactured using solid MDF sheets, so there is no risk of separation of stiles, rails and panels. Thirty-three percent lighter than most MDF doors, each interior door has a core material, which provides some of the best noise reduction of any residential or commercial door. The technology can achieve designs that in the past were only available in wood stile-and-rail products, providing a stylish, affordable option. Homeowners can create their own unique design, or choose among 70 standard designs, from traditional Colonial to Contemporary styles.

Customization is a growing trend as homeowners look for ways to personalize their spaces. As "featured" rooms (home theaters, wine cellars, libraries, playrooms) become more popular, the doors offer a canvas for creativity and can help highlight a home's special features. The custom doors contribute to the overall interior design of a home and allow homeowners and builders to express their own creativity.


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Foundation Door
Homeowners can change the look of their doors in minutes.

The Foundation Door

Foundation Door

Miami, Fla.

Bringing door design flexibility to a new level, the Foundation Door home entryway combines state-of-the-art technology with the Center Piece Art panel collection, a series of interchangeable panels that can be used by homeowners to enhance both the interior and exterior of their house.

Following six simple installation steps, panels can be changed within minutes. Homeowners can create an array of themes and fashion options that harmo-nize flawlessly with any chosen dŽcor or architectural style. Over 40 designs are available in three panel collections, including designs for holidays and seasons, designer styles and traditional looks.

Offering high performance, each hand crafted door provides Miami-Dade certified protection. This includes a hurricane tested double bonded glass center to defend against the fiercest of elements. The doors' German-designed KFV five-point locking system assures the utmost in home security and peace of mind, while an Endura threshold for-tifies the entranceway against water intrusion.

Designed for beauty as well as strength, each solid mahogany door is carefully kiln-dried in order to prevent warping, splitting and case-hardening. Doors are deliv-ered pre-hung with a choice of Rocky Mountain Hardware options and two panels from the Center Piece Art Collection.


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