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Frame, Sash or Door Fabrication

GED's Smartload Welding System i-3
The SmartLoad system provides continuous weld cycling as it eliminates load set-up time. While the welder is processing a set of frames, the operator pre-loads the next set of profiles.

SmartLoad Welding System i-3

GED Integrated Solutions

Twinsburg, Ohio

The SmartLoad Welding System i-3 is an automated vinyl welder designed to deliver increased productivity, speed and accuracy. Enabling one set of profiles to be loaded while another set is being welded, the line's advanced automation allows one operator to achieve the work of two.

The system begins with the i-3 speedloader module, which provides controlled pace production. The operator uploads the schedule and pre-loads vinyl profiles with no stopping or interruptions. The loader carriage features the Posi-lock profile placement system, which assures accurate placement and no twist, racking or lost time loading.

The system features a four-point fully automated load and weld system at up to six levels stacked. Welding one set of frames while the operator is loading the next, the multi-level fixturing with independent referenced weld fixtures ensures accurate, stronger, more consistent weld quality and cleaning, plus accurate sizing within each tier. It has capacity for up to 8 x 10 foot frames and an automated product take-off conveyor.

No tools are required for the system; it features JIT quick-release quick change tooling that makes use of powerful magnets. The i-3 has a time-proven, reliable drive system with components designed for rugged duty. It has a compact production floor footprint, and its ergonomic design makes it easy to load vinyl profiles.

For an uncluttered work environment, i-3 has a multiple scan zone operator safety system. It also features an advanced and intuitive touch-screen user interface. Save and recall software parameters and tooling offsets allow for quick changeover.

The non-stop operation and quick changeover result in a substantial increase in production throughput-up to 70 percent (400+ cycles per shift).

Glass/IG Processing

Endura-Veyor and Innovative Conveyor Concepts' Glass Crushing Recycling Conveyor System
The automated system begins with a cullet conveyor under breakout stations. Glass cullet can be collected from multiple auto breakout stations and manual cullet boxes and conveyed overhead and out of the plant to a shipping container.

Glass Crushing Recycling
Conveyor System

Endura-Veyor Inc.

Alpena, Mich.

Innovative Conveyor Concepts

Carrollton, Texas

At a time when companies are looking to increase recycling efforts, Glass Cullet Handling Systems are available for manual and automated breakouts for glass cutting operations in window and door plants. These systems are designed to increase safety and reduce waste. The company's equipment-consisting of breakout air table hoppers, glass handling conveyors, glass breaker rolls and a plant hopper or dumpster-takes scrap drops of flat glass from production lines and creates cullet sized pieces.

An automated version incorporates a cullet conveyor under the auto breakout stations, which transfer trim to plant dumpster without the use of manual cullet trays. That translates into no downtime. The trim is sent through a glass cullet breaker roll used to crush the glass into smaller pieces for transportation to rollaway containers or plant dumpster. The reduced cullet size results in less handling.

Crushed glass cullet is delivered by a steel hinged belt conveyor to a plant dumpster or hopper for disposal. Glass cullet can be collected from multiple auto breakout stations and manual cullet boxes and conveyed overhead and out of the plant to a shipping container.

The supplier also offers a cullet conveyor for manual breakouts with two air table hoppers, glass breaker roll, steel hinged belt conveyor and a cullet dumpster.


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