Most Innovative Machine

Frame, Sash or Door Fabrication

Linear Pro
The Linear Pro line of machines is designed to offer high speed cutting and fabricatioon and close tolerances in vinyl window operations.

Linear Pro Automated Cutting and Fabrication Centers

Stürtz Machinery

Twinsburg, Ohio


Stürtz Linear Pro Series of Automated Cutting and Fabrication Centers utilize the latest technology to provide high speed, accurate cutting and fabrication of sash and frame profiles for all styles of vinyl fenestration products. The exclusive Linear Motion Control Feed System allows the material to be fed at a rate of up to 13 feet per second with repeatable tolerances within ±.010 inches. These tolerances are achievable due to a unique closed loop, absolute measuring system. By removing the motor and gearbox found in conventional drive train systems, Stürtz has eliminated the inherent backlash found in other feed systems which causes variations in cut lengths and fabrication locations.

The Linear Pro Series is available in two cutting configurations. The V-Cut provides high speed 45° cutting for sash and full miter frame profiles. The VHC-Cut is designed for processing sloped sill windows and has the ability to perform in-line compound jamb notching. Optional integrated fabrication systems are available in three configurations to allow fabrication from all sides of the profile.

Fabrication tools can be mounted in fixed locations or, to maximize productivity, the exclusive Stürtz Flying Bridge allows fabrication to be performed concurrently with cutting and notching routines. The Flying Bridge allows the fabrication tools to travel in X, Y, and Z planes to provide maximum flexibility. Concurrent fabrication and cutting maximizes throughput without sacrificing accuracy.

Judge's Comment:

“The Stürtz system consolidates multiple cutting, notching, punching and drilling operations in one fully-automated machine. It’s definitely going to improve quality, accuracy and throughput while reducing per unit costs in the long term.”

Unique maintenance features are also available on the Linear Pro. Optional tool breakage sensors can be installed to alert the operator of a broken tool bit. These sensors can be interlocked to stop the machine and notify the proper personnel of the condition and the need for action. This feature, combined with the standard tilting lower tool carriage provides maintenance personnel with the means to quickly and efficiently change worn or broken tools before bad parts make it down the line.

As with all Stürtz PC controlled equipment, the latest generation of control software allows for remote, internet based diagnostics and troubleshooting. Our technical support staff can log into the machine remotely to speed troubleshooting and maximize machine uptime. The graphic programming capability makes adding or changing fabrication a simple process which can be performed by most customers with minimal phone support.

Glass/IG Processing

Besten TAPE MT 1500
When a lite of glass stops beneath the applicator, a digital camera snaps a picture and the equipment instantly adjusts for the location of the lite on the application bed.

TAPE MT 1500 Insulating Glass Production Line

Besten Inc.

Solon, Ohio

Capable of increasing throughput by more than 50 percent, the TAPE MT1500 enables IG fabricators to produce between 1,400 and 1,600 units per shift on a single line. The line pairs two applicators in a single line. Parallel processing with two applicators greatly improves efficiency and prepares fabricators for a future that will likely require higher-volume triple-pane IG unit production.

Compatible with Truseal Technologies’ Duralite and Duraseal flexible spacer systems, Besten's Totally Automated Production Equipment (TAPE) is capable of bringing IG unit cycle times down to as low as 14 seconds – or two units every 28 seconds with both applicators running – using only five operators. It is the second spacer applicator that drives the increased throughput.

Another unique feature of the line—Camera Squaring technology added to the applicator head—also helps total IG application cycle time. When a lite of glass stops beneath the applicator, a digital camera snaps a picture and the equipment instantly adjusts for the location of the lite on the application bed. Spacer application starts immediately thereafter, saving time in the spacer trace cycle and allowing for more units to be produced per shift.

Having a second complete in-line horizontal applicator allows flexibility for operators to run the line at full capacity using both applicators or to run the line from either side using a single applicator. In addition, one side of the line can continue production during spacer roll changes, allowing for increased uptime. The tandem applicator system will also allow IG producers to automate triple-pane IG production. In addition, producers will be able to run dissimilar airspaces for an offset triple-glazed design. For example, a narrow airspace could be created in one cavity of a triple-glazed unit for filling with krypton gas, while a second, wider cavity could be created to accept grids and argon gas.


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