Most Innovative Marketing Program

Large Manufacturer

Milgard's Hybrid SUV Campaign
A Ford Escape hybrid sports Milgard's environmental graphics.

Hybrid SUV Campaign

Milgard Windows & Doors

Tacoma, Wash.

To promote its green manufacturing practices and its overall commitment to the environment, Milgard applied a fresh graphic identity to a new fleet of hybrid sport utility vehicles for use by its sales force. The bold graphics on the hybrid vehicle demonstrate the manufacturer's approach to the environment in both its products as well as in how it is gets those products to market.

The vehicle wrap includes Milgard's new environmental logo as well as well as its new message of how saving energy is the company's driving passion. The Milgard-red wrap on a Ford Escape Hybrid sport utility vehicles also demonstrates how a tough durable product can be beautifully efficient.

Milgard is looking to the future, keenly aware of the overall impact it is leaving on the environment. By offering hybrid vehicles to its sales force in place of larger, more fuel-inefficient trucks, the company is making strides toward the reduction of its carbon footprint-a step the company sees as something it can do now to make positive strides toward a better environment for future generations. Milgard realizes that a hybrid vehicle does use energy, but the overall point of introducing the new vehicles is that the company is looking for ways to help the environment. By taking this small step, it is helping reduce carbon emissions and the impact it is making on the communities in which the vehicles will be driven.

People who see the new vehicles on the roads and in their communities gain a sense of understanding that Milgard not only provides windows and doors, but that the company simultaneously takes the environment into account. The message of saving energy comes into play when the customer purchases Milgard products. Use of the new vehicles reinforces the fact that with Milgard, consumers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with purchasing windows and doors that are better for the environment and save energy and money.


Small/Medium Manufacturer

ProVia's Company Rebranding Campaign
ProVia Doors brought out all its employees to unveil its new name and logo on its trucks.

Company Rebranding Campaign

ProVia Door

Sugarcreek, Ohio

Last October, Precision Entry announced that the company's three divisions consisting of 400 employees were to be united under one new corporate name. Beginning January 1, 2008, the name ProVia Door replaced the three previous names of Precision Entry, Sugarcreek Industries, and Monarch IG.

The ProVia Door name was chosen to represent the company's creation of a new category of products, professional-class doors, and illustrates its commitment to unparalleled levels of quality and customer satisfaction. Professional-class doors take the standards established in the production of consumer-grade doors to the next level of product integrity and customization. The new name, which translates as "the professional way," also embodies the organization's desire to continually move on an upward path in the areas of corporate ethics and faith-based practices.

The new name evolved out of marketing efforts, which probed beyond current perceptions to define what the door and window maker's business is truly about. The company conducted sessions with management to identify its core principles and values, and determined that "ProVia Door" says it best.

Once the new name was chosen, the company's marketing team took on the enormous task of developing a new corporate identity and creating brand awareness to high-end remodeling professionals. Everything was rebranded including their entire fleet of semi trucks and trailers, corporate signage, Web site, brochures, merchandising, product samples and apparel. One of the resulting benefits was that refined uniformity has been created throughout the company so that a consistent message is communicated to employees and customers alike.



Truseal's Envirosealed Windows program
An array of materials makes it easy for customers to communicate the green and energy efficient message to homeowners.

Envirosealed Windows

TruSeal Technologies Inc.

Solon, Ohio

Envirosealed Windows offers the company's window manufacturer customers and their dealers a marketing program that addresses the growing demand for green products. It is an ongoing comprehensive marketing campaign designed to help manufacturers and dealers market, promote and sell the "green" benefits of windows using the company's Dura Platform spacers.

The program offers Truseal customers a point of differentiation within the marketplace by highlighting the environmental and money saving benefits of Truseal spacers. It also helps simplify environmental messaging with a set of marketing tools to assist manufacturers, dealers and remodeling contractors in communicating the energy efficient message.

By providing materials such as consumer brochures, window stickers for showroom and sample displays, videos, lawn signs, and door hangers, it is easier for adopters of the program to communicate the Envirosealed Windows green message directly to homeowners.

Much of the literature is written and designed to be useful to multiple audiences, including consumers. The program's message speaks to consumers on an emotional level, while providing rational reinforcement. Many pieces feature a series of facts on how windows can help save energy, money and the environment.

The campaign also features a dedicated Web site designed to specifically address the communication needs of dealers and remodeling contractors, as well as provide key environmental sustainability background to consumers. The Web site includes direct links to the sites of window manufacturers who offer and promote Envirosealed Windows.

Among other communication tools are Envirosealed Windows' direct mailer assistance, Dealer Day presentation packages and unique types of Truseal Dura Platform sampling. The objective of Dealer Days is to help manufacturers introduce the campaign to their dealers and contractors, as well as communicate its benefits.

The marketing efforts have contributed to a significant increase in spacer account transitions for Truseal. In only the first six months of the program, 78 customers signed up for the Envirosealed Windows campaign, exceeding the supplier's target goals and making the planet a greener place.


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