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Large Manufacturer

Marvin's Ultimate Replacement Casement
A wash mode allows the exterior othe window to be cleaned from the interior.

Ultimate Replacement Casement

Marvin Windows & Doors

Warroad, Minn.

Marvin developed the Ultimate Replacement Casement to answers consumer demand for easy-cleaning, reliable casement windows. Said to be the first of its kind among major window manufacturers, the window offers a host of unique features, including a wash mode. In three simple steps, the exterior is rotated towards the interior, allowing homeowners to clean the exterior without ever going outside and without using complicated tools. First the handle is cranked twice, the hardware arm is pushed down and the window is pushed away. Then the handle is cranked back. The user then swings the window all the way open, pulling it across towards the lock for accessibility to exterior glass.

The casement's wash mode makes window washing less of a chore by allowing homeowners to get rid of ladders and scaffolds. It also lessens the risk of falls since the exterior can be washed from the interior.

A new hardware system, said to be the most durable on the market, comes standard on the casement. A folding handle unobtrusively blends in with window treatments. The cover and lock handle set can also be removed for easy painting and staining. The hardware is also designed to be easy to operate, taking fewer cranks to open. Supporting a sash of 150 pounds. the casement's hardware continues to perform at the highest standards, even with large windows, thanks to a commercial-grade classification. A design pressure rating of 50 indicates the window and hardware's strength and durability.

Installation of the window is easy, thanks to a narrow jamb. Beveled frames in 0°, 8° and 14° are offered to match perfectly into nearly any opening. Designed to replace almost any window, the line has numerous other design options, including a simulated checkrail and wide bottom rail to approximate the look of a double hung. The window features butt joints reminiscent of older wood windows, yet has a less recessed look, making it appropriate for modern homes as well as historic places.


Small/Medium Manufacturer

Retractable's Roll-a-Cover
Pool and patio areas can be used year-round and enjoyed fully when the weather is fine.

Retractable Sunrooms/Enclosures

Roll-A-Cover International

Bethany, Conn.

Roll-A-Cover trackless retractable sunrooms and high-rise roof top enclosures benefit users in creating indoor sunroom spaces, and, on a nice day, allow users to enjoy the great outdoors. Consisting of sections, the unitized system rolls one section telescopically into another, enabling the system to open easily.

The enclosures appeal to the demand for green, as the design offers the ability to exhaust excessive heat buildup when other glass enclosures force the environment to usea unwanted and costly air conditioning systems. Containing the warmth also allows the users to utilize natural sunlight and gain added heat which reduces heating costs as well.

The Roll-A-Cover allows an outdoor patio area, including swimming pools and hot tubs, to be enjoyed fully when the weather is fine, and provides an effective enclosure product so that the space can be enjoyed year round.


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