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Ultimate Pushout Casement

Ultimate Push-Out Casement

Marvin Windows & Doors

Warroad, Minn.

Marvin has expanded its Ultimate Casement and Awning Collection to include the Ultimate Push Out Casement and Awning. Unlike crank out casements and awnings, the Ultimate Push Out Casement and Awning have handles that open the window in a simple turn. Push out hardware was the original way of opening a casement window and it is known for its classic look.

The durable, commercial-grade hardware allows for large sizes and numerous configurations. The hardware also plays an integral part in the unit's unique wash mode, which allows a person to wash the exterior glass of the casement from the inside. In order to have a screen that works with the wash mode, the Ultimate Push Out Casement and Awning employ a swinging screen. It is easy to operate: simply pull on the knob and the screen swings inward. The swinging screen comes with a standard wood surround to seamlessly blend in with the interior of the window.

The push out casement provides wide open views, meeting egress even at smaller sizes, since it opens close to the jamb. Homeowners can choose Marvin’s exclusive sash limiter to control how much the window opens, without sacrificing egress. Easily opened to various degrees, the sash limiter gives homeowners the choice of letting in as much fresh air as they choose. A multi-point locking system ensures that the window tightly seals with the ease of using one handle to lock at multiple points along the stile.

Ultimate Pushout Casement
Marvin's window combines the classic look of a push out casement with a wash mode allows the exterior othe window to be cleaned from the interior.

Like all Marvin products, the Ultimate Push Out Casement and Awning has low-E II insulating glass with argon gas between the panes as a standard. Tri-pane insulating glass is offered as an option for even more energy efficient windows. An optional simulated check rail and taller bottom rail allow the window to look like a double hung, but perform like a casement—a valuable option for homeowners who want to match their home’s current architectural style, but who prefer a casement’s operation and performance.

The windows come in all wood or wood-clad. Wood-clad windows have a strong, durable extruded aluminum exterior and a wood interior. A 70 percent Kynar 500 finish on the cladding helps colors remain rich and bright, while a choice of 19 clad colors and nine casings means that the desired look can be achieved. The wood window option, with wood on interior and exterior, offers a look of historical accuracy and choice, since the wood can be painted different colors.

The Push Out Replacement Casement and Awning provides a window that can replace almost anything, thanks to its narrow jamb and the ability to mimic the look of a double hung. Installation of the windows is also said to be simple, thanks to removable interior covers and pre-drilled jamb holes which provide a clean appearance.

Small/Medium Manufacturer

Hurd H3

H-3 Casement Window

Hurd Windows & Doors

Medford, Wis.

Three years in the making, the Hurd H3 casement window represents a truly state-of-the art window for the state of today’s economy. Designed to provide the features and performance of a premium window at a modest price, the H3 casement incorporates Hurd’s Fusion Technology process to seamlessly integrate three components into one advanced window.

Hurd’s Fusion Technology combines a solid ponderosa pine interior—thermally-insulated and available either primed or natural, a strong 0.05-inchy extruded aluminum cladding for greater durability and dent resistance and an extra-strength 0.072-inch vinyl base frame. The combination provides superior rigidity, tight welded corners, total protection against rot and enhanced resistance to air or water leaks.

Hurd H3
The H-3 combines wood, vinyl and aluminum to offer the benefits of a premium window at a mid-range price.

Being a wood window sets the H-3 apart as a mid-priced window. On the interior, the line features premium pine with architecturally correct non-mitered joints and the same hardware and grilles as used in Hurd’s premium lines. On the exterior, white, sand and bronze clad finishes are available. Despite its modest price point, Hurd’s H3 casement achieves a .31 U-factor with just dual pane Low-E argon. This is said to be an accomplishment that rivals the energy efficiency ratings of the industry’s premium-priced window products. Features like extra thick extruded cladding, extra thick vinyl base frame, fully sealed corners, solid wood interior and high-end weatherstripping all contribute to superior energy performance.

The H3 is also easy to install and finish. An integral rigid nailing fin produces greater structural integrity, an improved barrier against water and the virtual elimination for racking problems. Continuous head and sill affords a seamless factory mull system that stops water. Plus, Hurd’s snap-lock design eliminates unsightly screws or fasteners on the interior. In fact, with the exception of a few minimal nail holes in the screen track, there are literally no nail holes to fill.

All Hurd windows, including the H3, are protected to the very core against water and rot with Hurd’s exclusive CoreGuard wood treatment system that promotes sustainability. The H3 comes standard with Hurd’s ComfortGlaze low-E, double strength glass, and its performance exceeds the toughest Energy Star requirements coming this year.


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