Besten Outsourcing Equipment Production to Billco

August 27, 2009

In a move designed to reinforce Truseal Technologies' efforts to develop and support innovative IG equipment, Besten Equipment Co. and Billco Manufacturing have signed an expanded cooperation agreement, Truseal officials state.  Under the agreement, Besten plans to continue to design, develop and service equipment, but will outsource manufacturing to Billco, explains Gus Coppola, president of Truseal and Besten, both owned by Quanex Building Products Corp.

“This relationship will take advantage of the combined strengths of two of North America’s largest and most innovative suppliers to the window and door industry," Coppola continues. Billco has been making Besten washers for the past three years, and that relationship has proven beneficial to our mutual customers and both companies, he notes.  With the agreement, Billco will also begin producing Besten spacer applicators and related machinery.

"It simply makes a lot of sense," Coppola notes.  "We continue to have Besten and Truseal resources involved in the creative and development aspects of our equipment.  And Billco brings its expertise and capabilities on the manufacturing side.  We've worked with them for years, and they're close by," he adds.

"We will continue to enhance the Besten product line," emphasizes Kevin Zuege, Truseal's director of technical services.  The company has focused much of its effort in recent years developing its T.A.P.E. automated lines for IG production, and those efforts continue as Besten is preparing to help manufacturers make "the next big leap" in performance, he states.  Currently, Besten and Truseal are working on the development of an automated line for high-capacity triple-glazed unit production, as well as an integrated gas-filling system.

Billco, based in Zelienople, Pa., provides a wide variety of flat glass processing machinery, including washers, cutting lines, handling equipment and spacer application equipment.  It offers its own line of equipment for producing IG units with flexible spacers.  Besten and Billco will work closely together in the arena of more automated lines going forward, Coppola reports, but he expects Billco will continue to produce and support its own line of manual IG equipment as well. 

As it has in the past, Truseal will continue to work with other equipment vendors as well, Coppola reports.