Albat+Wirsam Launches Glaston Partnership

September 15, 2007

Acquired in July, software supplier Albat+Wirsam officially launched its new partnership with the Glaston Group at GlassBuild America earlier this month. Glaston is the new name for the Finnish company Kyro, combining the operations of Bavelloni and Tamglass, two suppliers of glass processing equipment.

Albat+Wirsam continues to operate as an independent subsidiary, supplying software systems for IG and other glass fabrication operations. With its Cantor subsidiary also supplying window and door manufacturing software, Albat+Wirsam operates North American offices in Bellevue, Wash., and Oakville, Ontario.

“With business expanding and companies looking for new and unique ways to grow, we have a wonderful opportunity with our A+W partnership,” noted Jack Van Meerbeeck, executive vice president of Glaston North America, at the event. “Together with leading equipment manufacturers, A+W has successfully introduced into the market place advanced, up-to-date cutting optimization solutions including automatic sorting and other advanced solutions in IG manufacturing.”

Pointing to Glaston’s worldwide reach, Fred Montgomery, executive vice president of
A+W North America, added, “As a leader in software innovation for glass, A+W will play an even more important role in intelligent networking and control of complex production environments.”

Glaston’s existing company Tamglass specializes in the production of tempering and safety glass equipment. Based in Italy, Bavelloni produces glass cutting and washing equipment, insulating glass lines and a variety of edging and beveling machinery. In addition to manufacturing equipment, Glaston is also known as the organizer of
Glass Processing Days, a technical and marketing forum that gathers glass manufacturers, fabricators and industry suppliers from around the world.

“With Albat + Wirsam, we will be in a position to realize our OSP (one stop partner) philosophy even more consequently as before,” said Mika Seitovirta, Glaston CEO and president.

Discussing the company’s participation in GlassBuild America under the Glaston umbrella, Horst Mertes, executive director of sales and marketing of A+W North America, noted, “We had numerous qualified contacts to new potential customers, especially on the second day. The interest of the visitors confirms that we are on the right track with our unique product spectrum, within our OSP philosophy.”