Amcraft Launches Grandura Window and Siding Program

June 16, 2009

Amcraft Building Products Co. Inc., the window manufacturing unit of ABC Supply Corp., is introducing a new line of vinyl windows, patio doors and siding targeted at high-volume remodelers, replacement contractors and dealers. The new Grandura program offers protected territories, giving program members the competitive advantage of being the only source for the product line in their area, officials note.

“Contractors told us that they’re looking for exclusive product lines that they can use to set themselves apart from others vying for the same business,” says Jerry Juszak, Amcraft general manager.  "Grandura meets that need. They can sell Grandura on the products’ features and benefits, rather than simply competing on price, and will have the flexibility to draw on the strengths of their own personal marketing style.”

The new line is available though select wholesale distributors only, the company points out. “Grandura allows contractors to leverage the service and support that only wholesale distributors can offer,” including a local contact with the systems and resources in place to answer questions, facilitate orders and ensure timely and accurate deliveries, notes Bill Lazor, Amcraft’s window program manager.

The window line includes double-hung, casement, slider, awning, hopper, picture and geometric-shaped windows, each available in a variety of glass packages. All Grandura windows qualify for the tax credit included in the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009, having a U-factor and a solar heat gain coefficient that meet or exceed the 0.30 threshold established by the stimulus act, the company notes.

The manufacturer points out that the Grandura program also includes a variety of support services and materials. An electronic ordering system allows program members to place their orders 24/7 and helps ensure accuracy. Centralized ordering also is available, allowing contractors with a national footprint to have a single contact point.

Amcraft will also offer national installation and repair certification programs for the Grandura line, ensuring greater consistency in the training that contractors receive.

Finally, the company plans to provide a variety of high-quality marketing materials, including print ads, radio commercial scripts, brochures and customized pitch books, that allow program members to develop marketing and sales programs to suit their local markets and their individual marketing strengths.

Based in Beloit, Wis., Amcraft Building Products was started by ABC Supply in 1991. The distributor currently operates 300 locations around the country, selling a wide range of building products to professional contractors.  ABC operations offer windows and doors produced by Amcraft, as well as numerous other manufacturer lines.