Andersen Introduces Architectural Collection

May 17, 2012

Bringing together its two upper premium product lines, Andersen Windows is introducing the Andersen Architectural Collection of windows and doors. Said to put "the perfect balance of architectural style and imagination in the hands of architects and homeowners," the collection brings together the manufacturer's A-Series and E-Series/Eagle windows and doors.

“The Andersen Architectural Collection of windows and doors is the result of years of research and strategic acquisitions to bring the right products together for our dealers and homeowners,” says Jay Lund, president and CEO of the Bayport, Minn.-based company. “Enhancing the buying experience for our customers is a key driver of this with the right tools and fully compatible options.”

A-Series products are said to be ideal for those who see themselves in a home with a defined architectural style–whether it’s a stately Queen Anne, a bold Modernist design or anything in between. E-Series/Eagle windows and doors, providing nearly infinite options, are targeted at homeowners committed to pushing style to the limit, the manufacturer explains.

“Customers know exactly the kind of house they want to build and live in, but not always how to create it," Lund states. "Our Architectural Collection makes it easier to realize that vision. It helps everyone involved in bringing that dream to life to create a place the customer has always wanted to call home.”

The launch of the new collection marks the beginning of the transition of Eagle window and doors to Andersen E-Series/Eagle products, officials note. Andersen acquired Dubuque, Iowa-based Eagle Windows & Doors in 2005. The Eagle product line now will gradually migrate to the new E-Series name.

The company recently launched a YouTube video to introduce the new initiative: