App Targets DIY Window Installation

May 8, 2012

Founded in 2011, Fit'em Right Measurement Applications is offering Fit'em Right Windows for iOS, an app said to serve "as a complete guide for window replacement and installation, putting the expertise of a contractor on an iDevice."  Available for download from the App Store for $1.99, the app provides step-by-step instructions, tips on accurate measuring, instructional videos, a database of window types and sizes, and sharable, printable reports, the supplier reports.

"With energy cost concerns and tightening budgets, homeowners are looking for hands-on ways to save money and conserve energy. Fit'em Right Windows is a window replacement contractor in your pocket that provides the knowledge and step-by-step expertise to help homeowners replace windows with ease, saving time and money," says Heather Hornoi, founder of the British Columbia-based company. "If your house is over twenty five years old, you should run out and buy this app immediately. You'll avoid common costly mistakes and save hundreds of dollars a year."

For professional installers and contractors, the program eliminates mistakes in transferring measurements from a note pad to a computer, Hornoi states. They can email a copy of the measurements and the report directly to themselves, as well as a client.  This also enables contractors to get a client to sign off on the measurements and opening types before leaving the site, she states. 

To date, Fit'em Right has provided a few sample copies to professionals, but has yet to receive much feedback from them on the app.

For use on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the app was highlighted recently online Daily App show.