Arcadia Enters Luxury Residential Window and Door Market

Window & Door
July 2, 2014

Arcadia Inc., a Los Angeles-based commercial aluminum and steel window and door manufacturer, has purchased the assets of Architectural Traditions, a residential wood and steel window and door manufacturer located in Tucson, Ariz.  Simultaneously, Arcadia has launched a new division, Arcadia Custom, to supply windows and doors to the luxury housing market. 

“Architectural Traditions' existing product mix and established customer base provides us with an excellent platform to increase our presence in the residential window and door market segment," says Jim Schladen, president of Arcadia. “We are particularly excited about AT’s patented technology, "thermal steel," a laser cut, stainless steel, thermally broken window and door. There is strong demand nationally for steel windows and doors, but the industry has struggled to improve the performance characteristics needed to meet today’s tougher energy requirements. Thermal Steel addresses this, and coupled with its precision manufacturing process, makes this product a real game changer,” says Schladen. “With our extensive aluminum and steel production and engineering experience, we are able to provide the resources needed to take this product to the next level.”

Arcadia Custom will start operations immediately in the same Architectural Traditions Tucson facility and hire back much of AT's staff. Arcadia Custom also will supply Arcadia's line of thermally broken aluminum and steel windows and doors through this new residential distribution network.