Aribell to Distribute Mastergrain Doors in Canada

March 13, 2009

Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc. has named Aribell Products Ltd. as its Canadian distributor for the new Mastergrain line of fiberglass doors and doorlite frames.

Weber entered the door manufacturing business after 15 years of providing tooling to other door makers. The company decided to start making doors in order to deliver both "problem-free fiberglass doors with stronger and wider stiles and rails" and "the absolute best looking doors via our unique grain technology to obtain exact wood grain appearance," states Chris Edwards, president of Weber's new Mastergrain division. "Aribell was the natural Canadian distributor for these doors given their expertise and strong connections with all Canadian pre-hangers.”

“We looked at a variety of doors from the Orient, but kept running into quality concerns. When we evaluated the new Mastergrain door, we found a truly premium fiberglass door which would not have the various thermal deflection problems of other fiberglass doors," states Brian Belzberg, Aribell president. "At the same time, these doors look spectacular when fully stained. Together with the matching Mastergrain fiberglass doorlite frames, as well as Aribell's complete line of composite door jamb materials, and other door components, we knew this was a line which the Canadian market would want. Aribell committed to a major stocking program in its Toronto warehouse for these new doors and doorlite frames, and has now begun shipping them across Canada.”