Astro Shapes Brings in European Manufacturing Technology

February 25, 2009

The first Aluroller machine in North America was recently installed at Astro Shapes in Struthers, Ohio, according to Joe Valvo, the company's VP of sales. The equipment from Belgium uses a technologically advanced way of installing polyamide strips into thermally-broken aluminum extrusions for windows, curtainwall and other products. It has been used in the European market for about 20 years.

Astro Shapes installed the machine last December and has been providing product manufactured using the equipment since January. "While the machines used today here in North America feed the aluminum extrusion through the process, our Aluroller keeps the extrusion stationary during the knurling, strip insertion and hammer crimping process," Valvo explains. "This technology provides a more consistent part free of twist, bow and distortion from crimping."

The Aluroller machine from Belgium assembles thermally broken aluminum frame
components at Astro's plant in Ohio.

The machine also provides Astro with a more cost effective way to produce two tone windows, he continues. The interior and exterior are two separate extrusions mechanically locked together after paint. "There is no longer a need for the very expensive process of masking the extrusion," Valvo reports. "This also allows for a cost effective way to provide high performance paint to the exterior of the window while applying the lower cost standard paint to the interior."