Atech Opens New Location, Adds Sister Company

February 1, 2007
After setting up shop in the U.S. just five years ago, Atech Machine Inc., a Turkish manufacturer of saws, welders and other manufacturing equipment, is expanding operations here. The company recently opened a second location in Gaithersburg, MD, to house an engineering office for technical support, a new showroom and office space. It will maintain its old space for storage and shipping needs.

“Before, we couldn’t unload or operate our machines for people to see,” explains Kurt Muhittin, president. “We could only show [units] wrapped up and in crates.” With the new location, Atech’s machines populate a wide-open space where visitors can walk around and even operate them. “We want people to come here, to see and feel the quality for themselves,” he continues.

Additionally, the company has added a new sister company, Amber Extrusion & Bending Inc., to serve those customers not able to purchase Atech machines but requiring the services, including cutting, bending, corner cleaning and more. Atech can now offer to do the work for them. “There are many manufacturers who can’t afford it, or simply don’t have the space,” notes Muhittin. “Both companies complete each other.” To announce the expansion and new company, Atech held a machine giveaway. Nashville-based Unlimited Windows was the winner of a bench-top miter saw, valued at $3,900.

Atech’s new address is 429 E. Diamond Ave., #F Gaithersburg, MD 20877. The company can also be reached at 301/556-9789.