Bilco Co. Consolidates Operations

September 15, 2007

The Bilco Co. will shift some manufacturing operations to its recently completed Zanesville, Ohio, facility, adding as many as 30 jobs in the process. Currently, the specialty access product manufacturer conducts its metal manufacturing operations in West Haven, Conn., but will blend its metal and non-metal production in early 2008.

The company headquarters, commercial product sales organization and other support functions will remain at its present location in West Haven, but all residential products will now be produced and shipped from Zanesville, which is geographically centered in its primary customer base.

“We are excited about our growth strategy in Zanesville as it brings significant improvement in both customer service and delivery,” says Robert Lyons Jr., Bilco president and chief executive officer.

The company manufactures special access products such as basement doors, window wells, roof scuttles, fire vents, and floor and pit doors. It has manufacturing facilities in Zanesville, Truman, Ariz., and Juarez, Mexico.