Bystronic Preparing to Launch New Sashlite Manufacturing Line

June 8, 2009

Dealers of the Year 2008 logoBystronic Glass Inc., the global supplier of glass processing equipment, reports it is developing a fully automated vertical manufacturing line for the fabrication of windows incorporating Sashlite technology. The line is set to be unveiled in Bystronic’s exhibit space at the GlassBuild America show in September.

The state-of-the-art line, capable of making both dual- and triple-glazed insulating glass units, will feature the highest level of automation in the industry and will substantially improve upon the quality, finish and performance of Sashlite windows, according to the supplier. From start to finish, the equipment requires only four to five workers to operate and has a throughput of up to 800 integrated sash windows per shift. Other features include the simultaneous assembly, gas-filling, and pressing of a unit, and the automated, precision driven application of all sealants and desiccants. The new line will allow for any production sequence of rectangular sash formats and is capable of producing a wide variety of sash sizes, shapes and designs.

Launched several years ago, Sashlite technology is an insulating glass system that eliminates the separate IG unit by integrating the spacer directly into the window sash. The result is a single, solid unit said to be stronger and more efficient than many existing windows on the market.

“We are investing heavily in the Sashlite platform because we believe that the system offers tremendous benefits to the fabricator," says Claus Rieger, Bystronic Glass president. "In the course of our due diligence, we found that Sashlite has a unique point of differentiation in the minds of both the dealer and the consumer. We are excited because our equipment will have a significant impact not only on the Sashlite manufacturing process, but also on the quality of the final product.”

“The Sashlite process, in conjunction with our fully automated solution will produce consistently high quality windows, while at the same time maximizing unit throughput," adds Scott Knisely, vice president of sales for Bystronic Glass in North America. "With this development, Bystronic has positioned itself as the only supplier capable of offering insulated glass manufacturers with the automated equipment solutions required to fabricate high-quality, insulating glass, regardless of the technology.”

The automated equipment line will allow manufacturers to make windows that comply with any current or future standards as set forth by the Department of Energy’s Energy Star program. The equipment line will also feature a drastically reduced footprint with decreased energy, labor, material inputs, and waste, according to the company.

“The Bystronic equipment will allow for high volume, fully automated production that will help the fabricator achieve maximum efficiencies and a superior ROI," states Robert Hornung, Sashlite president. "The performance of Sashlite windows are superior, and combined with the energy and resource savings of production, Sashlite is the greenest spacer technology available on the market today.”