Colorado Dealer Faces Lawsuit

January 1, 2008


Thermal Advantage Inc., a Thornton, Colo., home improvement company, is facing a lawsuit filed by Colorado’s attorney general for allegedly running misleading advertisements. The suit says Thermal Advantage attracted customers by offering an energy efficiency test program with the opportunity to be paid for their participation, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

Dozens of ads from 2005 to late 2007 highlighted the company as affiliated with “government programs” to test energy efficient windows in real homes. The ads suggested customers would get to keep their windows after participating in a trial, the suit alleges. People who participated, however, allegedly paid the regular price for goods and service, the paper reports.

Eugene Applehans, Thermal Advantage president, says the allegations are false. “How this came about is our competitors trying to slander us,” he told the paper. “It was not customers that came with these allegations. … We stand behind what we do.”

The suit seeks a $30,000 fine and would require that the ads be discontinued.