Company Suggests New Approach to Address Condensation Concerns

November 9, 2012

Condensation is generally the result of high humidity on the inside of the home combined with low temperatures on the outside, but every winter, many manufacturers and dealers receive calls from customers complaining about condensation, says  David Bain of HumidityMatters!.  He advises that it's in a manufacturer's best interest to be proactive and provide homeowners with a hygrometer, a device for measuring relative humidity in the home.

 A HumidityMatters! hygrometer supplied to customers by a floor company.

A hygrometer makes it much easier for the homeowner to self diagnose their humidity levels, helping a company to reduce and/or eliminate many service calls, Bain continues. 

"This is really an education process more than a definitive service reduction idea. I can state that I have not gotten a call relating to condensation from a person that I have given a hygrometer to," says Michael Koopmans, manager at Newmar Window Manufacturing Inc. in Toronto, Ontario. "Some past customers who have called with condensation-related issues have not called back after being given some advice and a hygrometer. It is a great teaching tool–the graph we supplied on the back is also a help–that makes customers aware of issues that can exist. Having been involved in new home customer service for over 15 years, I would advise any builder client to use the product as a cost-effective means of controlling customer expectations and reducing condensation-related service calls."

If each service call to inspect the problem costs between $125 and $175, a $10 hygrometer is a very worthwhile investment, Bain notes.