C.R. Laurence to Produce Security Screens

April 30, 2012

Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Inc. has signed an agreement with Meshtec International Co. Ltd., to begin manufacturing and marketing products with Meshtec high-tensilve stainless steel mesh, said to provide unparalleled security protection for doors and windows. Based in Thailand, Meshtec is a global supplier of security mesh and a manufacturer of security doors, screens, balustrade, and window products for residential and commercial applications.

“Our agreement with Meshtec is the beginning of an exciting new direction for C.R. Laurence. Meshtec will be a key ingredient in a new line of Guarda brand door and window protection that meets the need for high security protection for commercial, residential, and institutional buildings,” says Lloyd Talbert, C.R. Laurence president. ”One of the unique features of the new Guarda line is its blend of strength, design, and beauty. For example, when viewed from the inside, one has a clear view of the outside, plus the patented frames will have no exposed fasteners, offering a clean design that adds to the beauty of doors and windows.”

“We are delighted to enter into this agreement with C.R. Laurence, an international leader in architectural glass hardware and glass and glazing products,” says Peter Taylor, Meshtec president. “The quality of C.R. Laurence’s manufacturing capabilities, coupled with the strength of their service center footprint and marketing prowess, will enable their customers full access to the Guarda product line with the high security Meshtec stainless steel screen.”