Deceuninck Recertified by GreenCircle

Window & Door
September 1, 2015

Deceuninck North America was recertified for “Recycled Content” and “Closed Loop Products” for the fourth year by GreenCircle Certified LLC, a third-party analyst that provides independent evaluations of sustainable products and operations. Deceuninck North America is the only window lineal provider certified by GreenCircle, according to the company.
“Third-party certification demonstrates that our products and operations are in compliance with our claims,” says Filip Geeraert, president and CEO of Deceuninck North America. “GreenCircle helps us establish brand integrity and develop consumer confidence, which is key to building our brand and the brands of our customers.”
Deceuninck North America earned its certifications by developing and maintaining a comprehensive recycling program that collects end cuts and other scraps from fabricator partners and reintroduces the content back into the manufacturing process. In this way, Deceuninck North America reports it is reclaiming unused product that might have otherwise ended up in the waste stream.
GreenCircle evaluated the Deceuninck North America’s PVC window lineals and manufacturing operations in Monroe, Ohio to verify sources of recycled materials and distinguish recycled content within the supply chain. The company’s claims were independently verified to adhere to ISO 14021, Definition of Recycled Content, and the FTC Green Guides. GreenCircle also analyzed the life cycle of the PVC window lineals and verified the products as closed loop according to CFR 261.4(a)(8).