Duxton Adds Showroom

April 12, 2013

Fiberglass window manufacturer Duxton Windows & Doors opened the Fenestration Centre last week. The new showroom is designed to help designers and consumers choose the right products to achieve such energy goals as LEED, PassivHaus, and Net Zero.

Visitors to the Fenestration Centre will find detailed information on frame materials, performance values by glass type, and 3D drawings of wall sections to show different applications. Duxton is also showcasing brand-new products, including FiberWall and quint pane glass for ultra-high performance.

“Duxton has developed some world class technology through a combination of pultruded fiberglass frames and ultra high performance glazing technology,” says Al Dueck, founder and president of the Winnipeg, Manitoba-based company. “This showroom has incorporated a variety of ideas to more effectively communicate the options that designers and clients have available to them – in person as possible.”

Duxton's factory now also houses the Fenestration Centre showroom.