Edge Seal Has New Name

September 15, 2007

Intigral Inc. is the new name for Edge Seal Technologies, the manufacturer of insulating glass units based in Walton Hills, Ohio. “Pronounced just like integral, Intigral captures the closely linked working relationships we form with customers and focuses attention on the heart of our business—commitment to IG,” says Tom Bradley, president, part of a new management team that has been leading the company for nearly three years.

“Today we help window and door manufacturers transform IG supply from a constraint into a difference-maker for their businesses,” Bradley continues. “We’ve evolved significantly since being the first company to deliver IG overnight in 1988.”

The company, which operates four manufacturing locations in Ohio, continues to be owned by Dick Dietrich and Edmund Leopold, who also founded
Glass Equipment Development.

Intigral serves its customers with five “input values” and three “sourcing relationships,” Bradley explains. The input values are speed to completion, immediate product variety, product development, independence, and logistical and systems integration. The three types of customer relationships are selective sourcing, outsourcing and insourcing. With selective sourcing, the window or door manufacturer makes some of its own IG units and sources specials from Intigral. With outsourcing, Intigral operates as the manufacturer’s glass department, with units shipped to the customer’s production facility. With insourcing, Intigral takes ownership of IG fabrication within customer facilities, freeing financial and management resources.

“Our customers can configure more than 30 million unique IG units,” Bradley points out. “They can choose among six spacer systems as well as all the latest glass options from multiple suppliers. We make what our customers need to make their business plans work.”