Edgetech Now Servicing GasGlass and SpyGlass Devices

August 10, 2010

Edgetech I.G. is now servicing Gasglass argon gas detectors and Spyglass glass analyzers. The supplier became the exclusive distributor of these devices in the Americas, Europe and Australia earlier this year.

Developed by Finland-based Sparklike Ltd., Gasglass is a non-invasive method for measuring insulating gas fill levels. Its latest Gasglass Handheld v2 is said to allow freedom of movement and total quality control for windows and doors, as well as more accurate measurements at lower fill levels ranging up from 50 percent argon fill. Edgetech has extended a program through August 31 that provides a $6,300 trade-in value for older Gasglass models, including 1002 and V-1, that are in working condition, the company notes.

Also from Sparklike, Spyglass is a laser-based gauge for measuring and detecting glass types, structure, coatings and thicknesses that will be available this year. Spyglass is designed to allow users to instantly measure the exact characteristics of installed insulating glass units and immediately order the right type, saving time and achieving ultimate quality control over the replacement unit.

“It is always Edgetech’s objective to take a full-system approach to service, whether it’s through education, high-performance products or through technical support,” says Mike Burk, manager, workplace learning and performance. “Our training, knowledge and now the ability to service these devices ensures we are providing our customers the comprehensive support they expect from Edgetech.”