Edgetech Offers IG Certification Manual

October 28, 2008

In response to a growing need among window manufacturers for concise information regarding new National Fenestration Ratings Council and Department of Energy mandates, Edgetech I.G. is offering an IG Certification Manual.  The booklet features useful timelines, step-by-step instructions, frequently asked questions, a glossary of related terms and a full list of certification agencies.

To continue using the Energy Star label, manufacturers must certify their products before the July 2010 deadline established by the NFRC and DOE. There is much concern that the limited number of test labs will become overcrowded, making it difficult for manufacturers to certify in time, the supplier reports.  Edgetech’s new manual is designed to provide all of the information manufacturers need to use their time wisely and ensure their products will pass the stringent ASTM E2190 or CAN/CGSB 12.8 standard specifications for IG performance and evaluation.

“The concerns of our customers are our concerns as well,” says Tracy Rogers, technical director for Edgetech I.G. “It is part of our mission to ensure their ongoing success and we know they will be affected by the new mandates. The IG Certification Manual is one way we are lending a hand to make sure manufacturers are prepared in time.”

In addition to providing the manual to assist manufacturers, Rogers authored an article appearing in the October issue of Window & Door highlighting much of the information.  The supplier of Super Spacer, as well as other window and door components and equipment, has also added a special section to its Web site with information on the subject at www.certifiyyourig.com.