Fiberglass Pultruder Launches First Fabricator

June 18, 2013

After an initial launch at the International Builders' Show earlier this year, Diversified Lineal Systems has developed a range of fiberglass window and door systems, and recently launched its first fabricator. Gilkey Window Co., which has been selling, fabricating, and installing windows and doors since 1978, is now adding the option of fiberglass to meet the demand for dark colors, including dark bronze.

 The Gilkey sales team gets trained on selling the fiberglass product line.

“We saw the need to adopt new material technology to build better and stronger doors for both the residential and architectural market," says Mike Gilkey, owner of the Cincinati-based window manufacturer. "Diversified Lineal Systems provided us with the testing and certification that gave us the confidence to move forward. Now our customers can have their windows and doors replaced without losing the look and feel of the original design of their home, while providing superior thermal benefits along with the strength and ease of installation. Gilkey Window Co. is very proud to be the first Diversified Lineal Systems fabricator in the U.S.”

Based in Erlanger, Ky., Diversified Lineal Systems offers a full service support team providing fabrication training and technical support, so fabricators are able to bring their new systems to market quickly, officials note. Gilkey brought its entire sales team in for training with Geoff Card, DLS technical director, and Mark Back, director of operations. The Gilkey Windows Sales Team took home samples and the technical training to offer their customers the option of fiberglass composite windows and doors.

 Gilkey's Mike Gilkey on a tour of DLS's  fiberglass pultrusion facility.

A supplier of composite products to a variety of industries, Diversified Lineal Systems identified several of the key factors that led them to expand their offering to include the fenestration industry, the primary one being the need for a quality, and qualified supplier of fiberglass window and door profiles for regional companies to fabricate and market, officials note. “The response from the fenestration industry has been even greater than we anticipated,” reports DLS's Back. “It only emphasizes the growing need for a quality systems supplier that is focused on fiberglass composites.”

Diversified Lineal Systems is looking for additional regional fabrication partners and will be exhibiting at GlassBuild America in Atlanta this coming fall.