Finnish Companies to Implement FeneVision ERP Software

Window & Door
April 9, 2013

Seloy Oy, a Finnish insulating glass fabricator, and Lasiliiri Oy, a Finnish architectural glass manufacturer,are implementing FeneVision ERP software into their company operations, according to a FeneTech Europe SARL release. Seloy Oy produces IG units on two TPS spacer lines and one metal spacer line, and serves local window and door manufacturers, steel construction firms and glazing companies. Lasiliiri fabricates tempered, IG and laminated products, as well as fire-resistant glass, serving metal construction companies, window and door manufacturers, and glazing contractors. 

“With this software solution, we will be able to streamline all of our processes from start to finish, and increase our productivity and optimize customer service,” says Heikki Silfver, development manager, Seloy Oy.

“We did not really have any concrete plans to buy new software, but when we [saw] the FeneVision ERP software during glasstec 2012...[we] quickly realized that such a software solution could help us a great deal in our daily activities," adds Ari Liiri, president and CEO, Lasiliiri Oy.