GED to Debut Automated IG Assembly Machine at GlassBuild

September 9, 2011

GED Integrated Solutions will be demonstrating its new Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System (Atlas) at GlassBuild America next week in Atlanta.  The new glass fabrication system produces triple pane IG units in 20 second cycle times, the supplier reports.

 GED's new Atlas line for automated assembly of triple- and dual-lite IG units to be demonstrated in Atlanta.

The ability to simplify the complexity of manufacturing both triple and dual pane IG units in any sequence is made possible through the development of GED’s new Win IG-5 software and the “no-touch” Vortex vacuum lift technologies, according to the company. The new software is said to allow operations to schedule each unique IG unit in a one-piece flow manner as the visual software interface provides grid, spacer and glass alignment. Additionally, its Queue Management module allows for remakes and deletions and additions of unit to the schedule.

The production process starts at the glass rack, where glass is pre-sorted, the company explains. Software provides the operator with the visual management to load the glass into the washer in correct sequence. Once the glass is loaded and washed, it passes through the Atlas Positive Pressure Clean Room, specifically designed to eliminate all dust.

 A key feature of the equipment is a vacuum mechanism that eliminates operator glass handling.

The glass is then delivered to the topping station where the ‘no-touch’ Vortex-designed air vacuum mechanisms lift and suspend the middle lite without physical contact to any part of the glass surface. This ensures contamination-free placement, alignment and assembly of the dual or triple IG unit, GED officials explain. This process not only eliminates operator glass handling, it also minimizes the chance of glass breakage and virtually eliminates contamination and/or damage to any of the glass within the sealed air spaces.  The assembled unit is then transferred into the Smart i-3 Oven for heating/pressing, assuring proper wet-out of the unit.

The new line provides fo seeamless integration with existing Intercept lines. Adaptive to unique IG unit combinations, including small and large units, both dual and triple-glazed IGU and in any order or combination, the machine-controlled consistency ensures uniform, high-quality IG units complete with an optimum level of production–dual units at 6 per minute and triple units at 3 per minute, GED states.