Hoppe and Roto Form North American Alliance

June 18, 2009

Roto Frank AG and Hoppe AG have formed a strategic distribution alliance to offer their combined hardware product lines in the United States and Canada. To initiate this collaboration, the Roto Frank of America sales team will starting to sell Hoppe’s HLS9000 program, and Hoppe will begin actively promoting Roto’s NT and ALU tilt and turn hardware programs.

“We enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to include Roto’s tilt and turn program in our product offering," says Jeff Shilakis, president of Hoppe North America. "Our customers rely on Hoppe to provide a reliable and quality solution, and the Roto products will fill this need extremely well.”

“We are not only pleased that Hoppe's adoption of our tilt and turn program will enable us to reach more of the North American market, we are also very excited to be able to offer our North American customers Hoppe's proven high quality stainless steel multipoint hardware program for patio swing doors," adds Chris Dimou, Roto Frank of America's president and CEO.

Both based in Germany, Hoppe produces high quality handles for windows as well as high quality handles and gears for doors and Roto is a global supplier of tilt and turn hardware. In announcing the new North American alliance, officials note that over the past quarter of a century, Roto and Hoppe have served European and other markets outside North America through a customer/supplier partnership that has made their compatible hardware products available as a competitive and convenient solution.

The companies point out that existing customers of both Hoppe and Roto will continue to conduct business in the same manner; with no changes day-to-day activities. To mark the beginning of the allilance the two companies are displaying Roto’s tilt and turn hardware on windows at the Hoppe booth during the PCBC show in San Francisco.  Additional information about this collaboration will also be announced at the GlassBuild America Show in Atlanta this fall.