Hughes Supply Adds Rep

October 26, 2009

North Carolina-based Hughes Supply Co., a supplier of window and door components, has signed on Larry Czapla's Systems & Components Group LLC to represent its products in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa,  Ohio and Kentucky.

"Hughes Supply is a 38-year-old injection molding company that has been well established in a large number of market areas," says Chris Rogers, director of sales for the company's window and door components division. "During the economic slowdown, we felt that it was time to take a more aggressive approach to establishing our position in the fenestration market.  We're tooled to produce composite sash locks, screen and glass components, and latch systems too.  And Hughes is ready tomake a bigger investment in this market in the future." 

"With in-house tooling and engineering program, Hughes will quickly show the benefits of not buying from overseas sources," adds Czapla.