Indow Window Rolls Out Nationally

August 17, 2012

After a two-year beta launch, Indow Windows, a Portland, Ore.-based supplier of interior insulating window inserts, is rolling out its line nationally to home performance contractors and others in the commercial and residential remodeling business. The inserts are said to offer the energy savings of double-paned windows at one half to one fifth the cost.

The company got its start in 2010, when Sam Pardue, CEO, started looking for a better way to insulate the windows in his 1906 home. The result was a product composed of sheets of acrylic glazing edged with compression tubing. After being installed by an authorized dealer, homeowners can easily remove the Indow Window inserts and press them back inside their window frames, the manufacturer reports. In addition to providing energy savings and enhanced comfort, the window inserts are also said to significantly reduce noise levels.

Although the company does not have traditional window dealers selling the Indow product yet, it is actively seeking such companies as part of its current roll-out. "We think Indow Window thermal inserts will be a great compliment to a traditional replacement window line," says Russ Eisenberg, director of sales for the Oregon-based firm. 

"Indow Windows are perfect for owners of older homes who prefer the aesthetics of their original wood windows but want to increase their comfort and lower their energy bills," Eisenberg continues. "Other homeowners simply can’t afford the cost of custom windows or prefer an alternative to vinyl in their homes. Replacement dealers and their customers will appreciate the clean, quick installation process that avoids the hassles of lead containment or the other complications that can arise during a window replacement project."

An Indow unit installed in an existing opening 

Initial dealer installation is said to be fast, clean, and simple, with no need to install an interior frame or bracket, “making Indow Window an ideal product for contractors without window installation experience,” officials note. Indow dealers use a laser measuring system that integrates with the company’s Measure/Order Data Interface (MODI) computer system. Dealers use MODI to create estimates, measure windows and submit purchase orders. The system is said to detect errors at over 99.8 percent accuracy, during the measurement process to drastically reduce installation problems.

The manufacturer trains dealers via an e-learning center and there are minimal start-up costs, officials state. While only on the market a short time, dealers are already reporting that using Indow Windows can dramatically increase leads.

“We have offered Indow Windows for a year and the marketing for this product line has been one of the best lead generators for our home performance division,” says Chad Ruhoff, Neil Kelly Home Performance Director. "Often a $1,500 Indow Window sale will end up generating a $20,000 home weatherization project.”