Industry Executives Laud Stimulus Plan

February 17, 2009

Replacement window executives expect the stimulus package provision providing homeowners with a tax credit for qualifying energy efficient to have a real impact on the market.  
According to Wayne Gorell, president & CEO of Gorell Windows & Doors, the credit, which can now be as large as $1,500 is substantial enough to engender action.

“This is the kind of 'push' homeowners need to do something they were considering doing already,” Gorell states. “In this economy, $1,500 is a lot of money in helping with window and door replacement. I'm sure there are some that say it is too little, but having experienced the 1979 tax credit, I think it is terrific. I think any positive news is important, and it gives all sales people something more to help in their closing package."

“We believe that the tax credit incentive that is built into the economic stimulus package is an extremely positive step in helping consumers purchase products that will provide them with long-term energy savings and add value to their homes,” says Mark Savan, president of Simonton Windows. “We have reasonable expectations that the increased incentives for homeowners to make energy efficient upgrades will have a positive effect on business. We plan to fully support the opportunity with a number of initiatives.”

“The $1,500 tax credit for energy efficient windows and doors makes the consumers’ investment in replacement windows and doors an even more compelling one, and should be an important catalyst that enhances our customers' and our company's ability to continue to grow in this most challenging environment,” says Gary Delman, president of Sunrise Windows. “Of course, we also need to increase the availability of consumer credit in order to maximize the number of homeowners who are in a position to invest in replacement windows so that they too can begin to save energy.

“The interesting reality is that the replacement window industry has been focused on providing consumers energy saving products for the last 35 years, so the importance of this mission is nothing new to the thousands of dedicated companies located in every city and state across the country,” Delman adds. “I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say that we're looking forward to continuing to be on the forefront providing products that allow consumers to save energy and enhance their home values.”

“This is just the type of stimulus our economy needs,” says Jack Nugent, president of Hy-Lite Products. “We believe that a bill that gives consumers incentive to upgrade their homes with energy efficient products will create work for manufacturers, dealers and tradesmen. This in turn causes more economic stimulus as those folks gain confidence in our economy and spend their earnings on other goods and services. All of this would be done with products which benefit the environment and the common good.”