Inst-I-Glass Speeds IG Replacement Process with Mobile Manufacturing

January 21, 2010

A Louisville, Ky.-based company  is changing the way some window manufacturer warranty claims are handled. Inst-I-Glass operates a fleet of mobile insulating glass manufacturing trucks designed to make glass replacement painless for homeowners.

“Customer satisfaction is the most important factor,” says Larry “Butch” Parrella, Inst-I-Glass founder and CEO. “To us, that means fabricating the best product available onsite and same day. This includes using only the best materials for performance and durability.”

Each Inst-I-Glass truck is a self-contained, self-sufficient IG manufacturing facility providing high-quality replacement units using Super Spacer warm edge spacer technology and other high-performance components, officials state. Most replacements can be completed onsite and installed within 24- to 48-hours of the initial service call, saving homeowners the headaches of waiting two to three weeks for replacements to be manufactured.

Butch Parrella in front of a truck in his fleet of mobile manufacturing plants

Part of Parrella’s vision for the company was to provide a warranty service solution to window and door manufacturers and this now accounts for about one-third of its business. “Manufacturers that choose to outsource warranty services to Inst-I-Glass can more easily identify and control costs, which not only saves money and increases efficiency, but also improves the consumer’s perception of the level of ongoing service offered by the manufacturer,” Parrella states.

Additionally, outsourcing can relieve the burden of warranty services, enabling manufacturers and dealers to focus on their core business—making and selling new windows and doors—instead of diverting the line to produce replacement glass in assorted sizes to fulfill warranty obligations or labor to go out and install it.

Outsourcing agreements are varied depending on the manufacturer’s needs and range of services they would like to provide. Inst-I-Glass does not sell, distribute or install windows and doors, company officials emphasize.

“We are replacement glass fabricators and installers that provide the original manufacturer with professional, courteous, uniformed installers who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service,” Parrella states. “Our relationship with manufacturers is mutually beneficial, so it is important to us that they are satisfied with our services. Our objectives are to enhance the manufacturer’s reputation with a world-class warranty service program, control costs and provide their clients with the fastest turnaround possible.”