Jeld-Wen Offering Home Makeover Contest

August 7, 2009

In an effort to help provide some relief to homeowners and prove the difference that improving energy efficiency can make, Jeld-Wen Inc. is kicking off a search to find the worst monthly utility bill in the nation.  In a contest entitled, the Jeld-Wen Utility Bill Bailout, the company will award a homeowner who has the highest bill has an opportunity to receive a complete window and door makeover. The winning home will also be featured on the television show, Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford.

"In these economic times, managing energy costs is a very important concern for homeowners for both budgetary and environmental reasons," says Lipford. "One of the best long-term investments you can make in your home is to improve its outer envelope, which includes windows and doors. Not only will you reduce your energy bills, you'll add value to your home should you decide to sell it."

"High utility bills are like throwing money right out the window. Wasting energy has a huge impact on costs, comfort and the environment," adds Brian Hedlund, Jeld-Wen product manager. "No matter where you live, your home doesn't have to be an energy hog, and we're out to prove it by demonstrating that energy efficient windows and doors can help lower utility bills."

The winners of Jeld-Wen's utility bill contest last year, the Quimby family of Maine, were paying upwards of $1,000 per bill to fill the heating oil tank for their 119-year-old farmhouse. After installing 35 new Jeld-Wen energy efficient windows and two doors, the family has cut their heating oil consumption nearly in half, the company reports.

To enter this year's contest, homeowners can submit their entry online at