Laid-Off Production Workers Now All Back at Gorell

June 8, 2009

Gorell Windows & Doors recently recalled the last of its furloughed employees and now is accepting applications to fill additional positions, officials report. The callback comes in response to rising demand, due to the vinyl window manufacturer's active promotion of the new federal tax credits for windows and doors and the upturn in business that occurs each spring.

“Although the economy is still challenging, we’re seeing many positive signs that the country is coming out of this recession,” says Wayne Gorell, president & CEO. “Business has been improving steadily every week, and we’re anticipating a good second half of the year for 2009.”

In an industry in which many competitors are closing plants and laying off employees, Gorell now has every laid-off production worker back to work, he continues. Gorell also typically hires additional new employee during the spring and summer months and is now accepting applications in preparation for this process.