Larson Diversifies with Acquisition of Modular Home Builder

July 28, 2009

Storm door maker Larson Manufacturing is diversifying, acquiring a manufacturer of modular homes, according to a July 27 article in the Brookings (S. Dak.) Register. The paper reports that Larson purchased Superior Homes, a Watertown., S. Dak.-based company that supplies factory-built homes and structures via independent dealers in an eight-state region and in three Canadian provinces.

In a press release sent to the newspaper, Larson noted that Superior had continued to find opportunities "through contract opportunities in government projects, commercial applications and direct-buying customers," despite a weak housing market.  Dan Bieinhorn, Larson vice president of manufacturing and engineering, called the acquisition "an excellent opportunity for Larson."

Larson plans to keep Superior Home's business model, management team and staffing in place, but it intends "to take advantages of efficiencies of both companies as it relates to procurement , marketing and general administrative functions," according to the paper.