Loewen Receives SAFE Work Certification

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October 27, 2017

Manitoba-based Loewen has received SAFE Work Certification status, the province’s standard for occupational safety and health.

Xenia Adrian, Loewen’s safety and training coordinator says, “Although we had a strong safety program and culture, the decision to join still involved a lot of work; it took a joint effort from the executive team, right down to the newest-hired employee.”

To meet the standard, three key ideals must be visibly present: commitment from management, hazard identification and risk control, and worker participation. These standards are judged by an audit process that includes interviews at all levels within the corporate structure, observations of processes and practices, and a review of manuals, records and safe work procedures.

“We are proud to be the 5th out of 784 manufacturing companies in Manitoba to achieve this Safe Work Certification," says Al Babiuk, Loewen president and CEO.