Marvin Offers Products Meeting Passive House Standards

May 9, 2013

Marvin Windows & Doors now offers a wide range of wood windows made in the U.S.A. with domestic and imported hardware that will meet both the strict European and U.S. standards for passive building.  Certification from both U.S. and European bodies is pending, the firm reports.   

The products eliminate the need for builders and homeowners to wait for more than two months for passive windows to ship from Europe, the manufacturer notes.  Working with its glazing partners on its passive building windows, Marvin is using quad-glazing Heat Mirror products to meet the standards on its Ultimate Casement and Direct Glaze products. 

“With our long history of custom manufacturing and our skilled, experienced work force, we’re able to craft windows that will meet the highest standards of energy efficiency while allowing design freedom,” says Mike Laufman, senior manager of Marvin Signature Services, which offers one-on-one design and manufacturing support for custom projects. “There’s a perception that passive buildings need to be blank-walled fortresses with tiny slits for windows. But with Marvin products, architects and homeowners will be able to specify any design feature—even large expanses of glass—using windows that look like our regular product lines yet meet the strictest standards of passive building.”

“There is no silver bullet to achieve passive building criteria, but windows are a key consideration in passive building design,” says Christine Marvin, director of marketing. “Because our products are built here, Marvin can offer builders a shorter lead time than international manufacturers. And our extensive independent dealer network means we can support the project from the time it’s drawn up until after installation. This is another great example of Marvin working one on one with its customers to deliver the perfect windows for each project.”