Masonite Forms Joint Venture with Laser Etching Firm

August 19, 2008
Offering a new texturing process said to enable designers “to conceive and execute more stunning, more vibrant and more beautiful materials–at highly economical costs,” a new joint venture has been formed by Masonite and TechnoLines LP. To be known as Echelon Laser Systems, the company’s laser technology can be used in a wide range of building materials, including doors, cabinets, moulding, siding, windows and decking, the companies report.

"This partnership truly has the makings of a breakthrough venture,” adds Larry Repar, Masonite executive vice president and COO. "TechnoLines brings years of research, development and broad intellectual property. Coupled with Masonite’s commercial wherewithal and heritage of innovation in the building industry, we make a stunning combination."

Darryl Costin, CEO, TechnoLines, says "We are most excited about this partnership which brings together the leader in high speed, high power, patented laser etching technology with an internationally renowned building products company.”

Masonite has not yet determined how it will use the laser etching processes on its products, notes Keith Kometer, vice president of product management. “We’ll use the technology in future projects–it’s not in use anywhere yet,” he says. “We haven’t yet come down on what products will use it, and where, but we envision a broad range of potential applications.”