MI Deploys iPad Sales Tool

July 12, 2011

Continuing a new product campaign launched in June, MI Windows & Doors has deployed Apple iPad 2.0 tablets equipped with a customized iPad application to its sales force. The tablets will allow the team to access sales tools such as videos, brochures, technical specifications, and sell sheets that will help them more effectively sell the new MI EnergyCore energy efficient window system, officials note.

The iPad application has the content embedded in it so no access to the internet is needed, allowing a salesperson to use the tools even when a wi-fi connection is not available. Having the data local on the iPad also allows content rich media like video to load more quickly and run at a higher resolution than if it relied on a connection, officials note. When a wi-fi connection is available, the application senses it and allows quick access to additional content available on Facebook, Twitter, and the company's YouTube Channel.

Patrick Schutte, MI's business development consultant, designed the applicaton and then partnered with Webvanta Inc., a Sebastapol, Calif.-based company, to build it. "Webvanta is known for its hosted database-driven CMS website solutions, and we selected them to build our new MI EnergyCore web site, which will launch very soon," Schutte reports. The content of the iPad application will be synced from the content on our website, and Webvanta offered a unique solution that enabled us to do that. Since the iPad application has the same look and feel of the website, it will allow for quicker adoption without any training."

"We're going to the next level with this new MI EnergyCore product line," says Mike DeSoto, president of MI's Western Division. "We believe this is a unique, premium product in the West that gives us and our dealers a competitive advantage. The new MI iPad app give dealers the tools they need to educate window buyers about these new energy efficient windows and demonstrate their superior performance."